Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Clomid - More Babies?

Dr. B finally doubled my dosage of Clomid. I typically get 1-2 follicles. I am praying for 4+ follicles at my next u/s appt. Am I nuts?

I took my first 2 pills last night. I am counting the days till I get to meet up with the di.ldo cam. I'll take multiples at this point - I am about to lose it.

Oh, did I mention that when I got pregnant last year in February, the date of conception was February 9th? Well for this cycle, the u/s will need to be on 2/9/10. The IUI would be on 2/10/10.

Way to mirror the most wonderful/tragic event in my life. The due date would be 11/4/10. Last year's due date was 11/2/09.

What if it works again? Do you think I'll be freaking out much by the nine week mark? Sigh...


Lindsay said...

Does your Dr have a cut off to the amount of follicles you can have to proceed with IUI? I ask b/c my RE won't do it if you have more than 3. So I'll keep my fingers crossed for 2-3 :-)

Christa said...

I don't think they will. Based on the initial paperwork when we started treatment January 2009, they indicated that when there are 4+ follicles they will discuss possible "fetal reduction", etc. But there were triplets produced from an IUI a couple of years ago. I figure that if I typically get 1-2, then doubling my meds should produce 2-4. We'll take that!
But since I have to call to fix my u/s appt tomorrow, I will definitely take your advice and ask if there is a cutoff. Thanks!!!

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