Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its New Years Eve...Shhh

We're going to bed. Claire fell asleep.
It's 10 pm. Best. New Years ever.

Happy New Years...

Oh wait. She's up.

It's nearly midnight now. She's puked, pooped, fed, and repeated several times. I think she wants to wait till the new year to go to sleep.

Still the best new years ever. I hope everyone who is still waiting gets their wish in 2012. I really do.

Over and out, still trying to get our overtired little girl to bed.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Christmas Post

I'm posting from my phone, had to get this down "on paper". Claire has slept 7 straight hours without eating or anything. How have I used this time? Pumping (oh the engorgement), washing and sterilizing and waiting for her to wake up. I've been up the last 2 hours doing that. She's really stirring now, just had to post this milestone.

2 month appt stats:

12 lbs 7oz (75th percentile)
40.4 cm head circumfrence (75th percentile)
24 inches long (90th percentile)

Completely healthy little girl. She coos a lot and smiles all the time. She eats 3-4 oz of pumped milk at daycare and nurses from me when at home. I love Breastfeeding and I'm so lucky its easy for us.

Back to bed now. It's 615 and I've been up 3 hours, pumped twice and fed a sleepy little girl. Christmas morning ever.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Claire's Birth Story

Since Claire will be a month old this Saturday, I should really get this birth story out before I forget it. Luckily for me she's napping in her swing (first time ever!) and its bought me a ton of time today. However, I had better make this quick:

We went in for the biophysical profile ultrasound on Tuesday, October 18th to measure her fluid levels and see how she was doing. The tech immediately said, "Well, the baby's breech." to which I responded, "Shut up!!!"  Thus the C-section was scheduled for the next day at 1:30 pm. I went to the lab right away to do a hemoglobin check (yay blood draw) and give a pee sample.

I slept pretty well that night and we had taken the opportunity to prepare our things and ourselves for the next day which we knew would change our lives forever.

Wednesday morning I was up around 8 a.m. and took my time getting ready. We then took pictures in the nursery to commerate the end of the pregnancy and the importance of the big day.

Upon arriving at the hospital at 11:30 a.m. I realized I had to pee really badly (hmm, 41+ weeks pregnant, ya think I had to pee a lot?) so DH checked me in. After filling out the paperwork I was given the option to either walk or take a wheelchair up to the room. With huge feet/cankles, a sore back, massive belly and overall just being exhausted, I took the chair.

We got to the room and were impressed with the big bathroom and the nice TV. When we'd taken the tour during the summer, the TVs in the rooms were really old, so the flat-screen was exciting. Apparently it didn't take much to make us happy at that point. I got undressed and put on the hospital gown in the bathroom, gave my pee sample. My nurse, Carol, was really nice and answered all of my questions because as usual, I needed to know everything that was going on. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since Midnight so I was parched! DH didn't eat breakfast or anything so I made a stink about him grabbing a snack before the surgery since we both knew he wouldn't have a chance to eat for some time afterwards. Carol went and got him a diet coke, some oreos and graham crackers. He took the opportunity to eat it slowly in front of me. Torture!

I got into the bed and then I got my blood drawn after having my I.V. put in. Yes I was a little bit of a baby about the I.V. and asked for Lidocaine with it. I made it through IVF and multiple daily shots for months but wasn't jumping in with the I.V. DH wasn't surprised and held my other hand while it was put in. It really wasn't that bad but I think it was because of the Lidocaine.

Then the anesthesiologist came in and went over the spinal epidural procedure, asked questions and had me sign some papers. My doctor came in and was wearing his alligator cowboy boots under his scrubs. Crazy guy, love him. He was pumped for the procedure and definitely kept me relaxed. We were ahead of schedule but then, around 1:00 p.m. we were told that the pediatrician that was supposed to be in the O.R. during my C-Section, had to take a kid to X-ray so we were then suddenly behind schedule. But things got back on track and around 1:30 I was being walked into the operating room. DH got to wear scrubs:

I got into the O.R. while DH waited in the waiting room with my parents. My mom had shown up during my prep in the room to say hi and good luck. As I walked through the doors to the operating room, there were so many people and I couldn't help but say, "Is this all for me?"  The nurses were very kind and my nurse, Carol, was there to help me through the spinal. I sat on the table and bent forward as much as I could. When the anesthetic went in I could feel it and I just said, "Ow ow ow ow..." till it was done. When he put in the actual spinal I kept saying ow even though it didn't hurt, I could feel it and a little pressure. It got me through and overall it wasn't terrible. The feeling of my legs getting warm and numb was pretty cool too. I was laid back on the bed and then they put in the catheter. I was more worried about the catheter than the spinal. I must be crazy, right?

Once the room was all set up they had DH come in. Things went really quickly from there. I remember the docs talking about the person who'd set a bunch of exotic animals free and they'd had to be killed. I asked them to stop talking about that (I'm an animal lover and besides, it was quite the buzzkill at the time). Then I was asked if I wanted to hear any specific music. Had I known that was an option we would have brought in a playlist on our mp3 player. So we listened to whatever was playing on the radio.

Next thing I know they're telling me that Dr. B had made the incision. I asked them not to tell me anymore details, just when she was out and if she was okay. I said to Dr. B how amazing it was to be at this point after all we'd been through. He agreed that we were due our happy ending.

Dh held my hand and I could see the reflection of the procedure in the lights above so I asked to have the blue sheet pulled back a little to block the view. I was pretty grossed out by it all. DH, however, decided to watch the entire operation! I was told I'd feel a lot of pressure and boy did I! It was hard to breathe between the pulling/pushing and the spinal.

Finally I heard them say she was out and yes, she was a girl! I began completely bawling and waited to hear her cry. But she never really did. Then I started freaking out and sobbing to DH, "Why isn't she crying!?!? What is wrong?!!" He said she was fine, her eyes were open and she was waving her arms all around. He told me to look to my right and I did. They had her on the warmer and were checking her out. I could only see her little hands and her head but it was all I needed . Then I heard a little cry. She was just a quiet baby, that was all. I later asked for her APGAR scores: 8 and then 9. Excellent, right?

They brought her over to me and I couldn't believe this was MY baby. My little girl that had been inside me, moving and punching me. Poor thing was breech too so her head was a bit lopsided but that's all straightened out now.

Then they took her to the nursery to be cleaned up more and have tests done. DH went with her and then I just laid there on the table getting stiched up. The anesthesiologist gave me something to "relax" so I just stared at the ceiling grinning like a big idiot. I was a mom.

And the song playing when Claire was born?

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Gotta love it.

Nothing was scary or complicated. I consider myself extremely blessed overall.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 23

First, some quick pics from Claire's arrival:

41w2d - We're Going To the Hospital!
Last moments before the C-Section.
Here she comes!!! (I was quite emotional at this point)

She's here!!!

Here we are on day 2 - I'm wearing my "gownie" and
a little makeup, I usually looked terrible!

We're in our third week now. Claire did great at her 3-week appointment. Up to 9 lbs 8 oz and measuring 21 3/4 inches long. She'd lost 10% of her weight in the hospital so we had to supplement with formula for 24 hours but in a re-weigh the day after we were discharged, she'd gained enough to quit the formula. I've been breastfeeding her since day one and I love it! I have to start pumping a lot now so there's a reserve for when I go back to work. We need to get her used to the bottle. It'll also allow DH to take some nighttime feeding shifts so I can sleep. I average maybe 5 hours of sleep every 24 hours, if I'm lucky.

I love every second of my diaper-filled, spit-up on, unkempt, exhausted, hungry life.

I need to write a post on how I feel guilty every time I am tired or my nipples hurt, or when Claire goes through 5 diapers in an hour or if I don't feel thrilled every second of every day since it took everything we had to get her.

We are so lucky and I hate that I have to go back to work soon! I love being a mommy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 2

Still trying to upload pics. Claire is doing amazingly well. All she wants is my boob now, regardless of the fact that I only have colostrum at this point. I adore her to pieces!
In devastating news, my (step) sister lost her baby at 9 weeks today.

I'll hug my baby a little tighter tonite, knowing how truly blessed I am.

I'm A Mommy!

Claire Elise O. was born at 1:53 pm on 10/19/2011. 8 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long. Lots of brown hair and amazingly breastfeeds like a champ. C-section went fine, birth story and pics to come. Just wanted to post a quick update.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

41 weeks - Eviction Notice

I went for my biophysical profile today and after being told for 5 weeks that she was head down, I found out she is most definitely BREECH!

Also her fluid level is getting low, so my scheduled c-section is tomorrow at 1:30 pm. No wonder I haven't gone into labor!

How do you sleep the night before your life changes forever?

Friday, October 14, 2011

40 weeks 5 days

Still no baby, but I had a non-stress test this morning. I'd been having dizzy spells and my BP at the pharmacy last night was 144/69 so I got worried. I called, they had me come in, and I got to 'relax' in a recliner while strapped in with monitors. Our kiddo aced it!! My BP was back down to 118/? but normal. So unless I spontaneously go into labor in the next three days, I get an ultrasound next Tuesday. DH predicts she's 10 pounds already. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Can I be blamed for wanting her to come out? I just want to hold my baby. She is so squirmy in my belly, I wonder if she will be like that once she's born?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


No dilation at Mondays appointment. I was told she was engaged though. As I type this she's rolling around like crazy! Feels like she's trying to claw her way out too.

I have a biophysical profile with my 41-week appointment next Tuesday which is an ultrasound, so at least I'll get to see my baby for the first time since 20 weeks.

Being overdue is torture, but I'm thankful I get to have a full-term baby. I know there are many who haven't.

Also I'm positive she's dropped. Her butt used to be right under my ribs, now its just above or at my belly button. Now she can come out! Argh.

Monday, October 10, 2011

40 Weeks

Based on my retrieval date, I am 40 weeks pregnant today. The baby has always measured ahead on ultrasounds, but the tape measure puts her right on track every time. Now I'm freaking out bc I'm afraid her placenta will stop working. My 40 week appt ia this afternoon so we will discuss our options. She hasn't dropped, my cervix is hard, closed and posterior. I guess this means c-section? I'm waffling as to whether I want to go into labor naturally I'd get her out here while I know she's okay. I can't control everything, but I sure can try! Question: when should I get a non-stress test? HMOs suck.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pregnancy Announcements Still Hurt

My step-sister, the bridezilla, remember her? She's making the calls to announce she's approximately 5 weeks pregnant. They weren't even really trying. She got off birth control in April. I'm having a hard time being super-excited for her. What is wrong with me? My miracle baby is squirming inside me right now. I'm going to be a mom in the next two weeks. But I'm jealous of my step-sister getting knocked up without trying? Then she dares announce it this early? That makes me even more upset. Infertility has really messed with my psyche. ALSO BLOGGER SUCKS. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO POST FROM MY PHONE AND IT WON'T WORK. SO IF YOU'RE NOT HEARING FROM ME, BLAME BLOGGER'S MOBILE SUCKINESS.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

37 weeks

Still pregnant. Everything I said is do anything for is happening, swollen ankles, heartburn, insomnia...when people ask how I'm feeling I can't complain. Truly. Got checked yesterday, not dialated, locked up tight. I'm so ready to meet our daughter! I was weaned off the heparin at 31 weeks so its been awesome to feel like a "normal" pregnant woman. Well, off to pee. Again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Second Trimester in Pictures; I'm Back After A Break

1. Still pregnant.
2. I'm now in the third trimester
3. Glucose test tomorrow
4. I needed to take a break from blogging for a while.

Belly Pics:








Picture of Father's Day/V-Day Cake: Cream.ery Cookies 'n Cream cake. Our first and it was delicious!

The nursery is not done yet, we need to wash the bedding, put the trim back up on the window, buy a new window shade and hang up that and the valance, put up the decals and then get the light dimmer installed. Other than the floor trim and dimmer, the rest will get done in the next week!

The armoire/wardrobe to the right of the door;
the room does not have a built-in closet.

We got a new La-Z-boy recliner for the nursery
instead of a glider. I have the pink knitted blanket
over the armrest that my grandmother made for me.
We should get a new lamp; the desk lamp works
for now. We also will buy a clock/cd player/radio.

The lighting is terrible, sorry. Changing table to the left, dresser to the right.
A friend gave me a gift last Friday of three books for the baby, her first!
I have them displayed on the dresser. The wall behind the dresser, chair and
changing table is gray. The rest of the walls are pink.

Here is the crib; nothing like some we saw, but
it is brand new with the nursery furniture set and
is convertable. Notice the pink? A color I swore
we'd never use. Sigh. I insisted on the pink/gray
walls too!

Crib picture to show the bumper; its very cute.
Also there will be a decal saying of "Dream until
Your Dreams Come True" above the crib on
the wall. Fitting, no?

Here is her wardrobe with some of her clothing
collection that I keep on adding to with the
help of my mother. The size dividers have been
ordered and should arrive tomorrow.

All in all, I think that so far I've had a pretty normal pregnancy aside from the twice-daily injections and vitamin supplements. I had to move the heparin injections down to my thighs which has been quite painful and is resulting in a lot of bruising.

I scheduled my maternity photos for August 25th after work.

Finally, could I be more blessed to be having three baby showers? My mom and step-sisters are throwing one at Mom's house on August 20th for my side of the family and some friends. DH's sister, SIL, soon-to-be SIL, and his mom are throwing one for his sides of the family and some friends on July 30th at my MIL's house and my co-workers are having one for me on September 14th at work over the lunch hour. Its like having three Christmases and I'm sure I'll cry at each and every one.

The baby was a violent kicker, mover and shaker up until the past week when its more regular with sleep time and then play time. Sometimes when she's been quite for too long I jiggle my belly a little or rub it and she'll wake up and give me a "pity" tap or kick. I just like to know everything's alright.

We're in the middle of a massive heat wave here in Iowa so I've been staying indoors, hydrated and relaxed. My feet hurt constantly, mostly the ankles and outside ridges so DH has been generously rubbing them. He also sent me 50 roses yesterday in a large bouquet. They were on sale for $6/dozen so I bugged him for a week to send me a dozen roses. I like how he went "above and beyond". I spent my lunch hour making them into arrangements with the vases I had in my office. You like?

I've not had any further ultrasounds but I'll be trying to talk them into at least one more before the baby's due/born in October.
I've gained maybe 9 pounds. I'm sure I'll put on a lot more in the next 2 1/2 months. At least 20 lbs which is nuts. I don't eat a ton because I get full really fast but I think I'm eating pretty healthy, considering I'm still feeling picky and icky about certain foods that were ruined for me thanks to morning sickness.

We got a dishwasher which I love and have been needing for years. It makes ours a happier home. It also ate up a lot of our money. Things are very tight, but we'll be okay.

All in all, I'm happy every time this little girl moves even in the slightest and while I can't wait to meet her, I'm enjoying every ounce of this pregnancy. I actually fell asleep counting her kicks last night.

Thank you all for being patient and supportive while I have been absent. I will continue to keep you posted. No pun intended. :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

20 + 21 Week Updates

I'm not going to lament over how long its been since I posted. I will explain that work has stopped allowing us to go on the 'net for anything remotely personal outside of lunch hours or before/after work. I've typically blogged during work hours so that sucked. Also I was in trial during my 20th week so that was shot and this week was crazy at work.

I'm sorry.

So here goes:

Week 20, cliff's notes:
Things I remember were wearing my business suits (not maternity) and having to wear them unzipped/buttoned and tucked in strangely while my long tops covered up the mess. It also wasn't comfortable while sitting down. Lots of kicking all week and I saw my stomach move when kicked/punched. One night I went to sleep at 6:30 pm and woke up at 6 the next morning. That was during the week. Food was consistently a problem for me because I find most food gross and I'm forcing myself to eat as healthy as possible.

We had our 20-week anatomy scan. We found out what we are having. Here's how it all went down (I guess it's not cliff's notes now):

I took a green piece of paper and folded it into a little card and it had a pink & blue question mark on the front. Inside it asked the u/s tech to write down the gender of the baby. We brought it to the scan and I was so nervous and excited...we had our favorite u/s tech, Ann, who's been doing 99% of my ultrasounds since January 2009. Everything looked fantastic. Normal. Boring. Perfect. That sucker was moving so much too. Yawned at one point. Everyone went, "Awwww".  Its head was on my right side with feet down on my left near my cervix. It explained the kicking (and punching) locations. Still measuring ahead, now by five days. So crazy. We asked Ann to get a picture of the "money shot" and write down the gender only if it was pretty obvious what the baby was. She said that ultrasounds can be wrong but after 20 years she was quite sure what we were having. She checked twice and took the picture while we just looked away from the screen, smiling at each other.

Anyone still wondering what it is? We left the appointment 100% sure it was a boy for so many reasons. But the envelope was still in our hands, sealed.

DH and I drove to the spot where he proposed, also near our first kiss location (stupid city expansion turned a cul-de-sac into a main road) and we went to a pavillion and sat down on a picnic bench. After much anticipation, excitement and smiles, we took out the make-shift mystery card and each grabbed a side of the card. Counted to three and opened it.....


I was shocked! I couldn't believe it!!! We went to our favorite mexican restaurant and I sat there, dumbfounded for the entire meal. Pretty much repeating, "I can't believe it. A girl. Wow."

So that's what we're cooking!

We had our gender reveal bbq on Sunday 5/29. We ordered a cake that was marble but with white and strawberry instead of the typical white and chocolate. The had a question mark and Baby O________ underneath with blue and pink balloons decorated on it.

After eating we had our moms cut a piece while I held the plate so they could scoot it on to it so everyone could see the color of the cake's inside. They all screamed because they too thought it was a boy. Everyone was very happy for us though and very excited for a girl.

Week 20 Belly Pic:

Won't post because blogger is a piece of shit. I will keep trying.

And here's this week's update because tomorrow I'll be 22 weeks, so just in the nick of time:

How Far Along? 21 weeks 6 days

Maternity Clothes? As much as possible. I bought a maternity bathing suit this week. Niiiice. No skirt though, I just couldn't do it. I got the shorts and a top and I love it! The top expands a lot so it should last all summer.

Weight Gain?  I was up 2+ pounds at my 20 week appointment and its holding steady. I might even be up 3 lbs total now.

Stretch Marks? Not yet. I make DH check too because I can't see under my belly anymore.

Belly Button In or Out? Very quickly flattening. Prediction still stands that it'll be an outie by the start of the 3rd Trimester.

Sleep?  I've noticed my hips have begun to hurt at night. That's new in the last week or so. DH and I switched sides of the bed so I could be closer to the bathroom so that's helped. Otherwise sleep has been the same. I will add that I vivid dreams and even more embarassing, I have some pretty erotic dreams. Apparently I want to have sex with B.ruce Wil.lis? That was out of left field.

Best Moment of the Week?  Every moment was the best, seriously. I just love this little girl with all my heart and I can't wait to meet her. We did buy the nursery set though, complete with crib, dresser and changing table. I wish I could talk to non-pregnant Christa and give her a hug, tell her that one day she would be feeling her little girl kick her and buying that longed-for nursery set.

Movement?  Plenty, and this week, kicking on my right side began. It could be punching, I don't know. Also there isn't really a pattern yet as to when she begins to move during the day but when she does I love it. Even at 4 in the morning. I smile and put my hand on my belly to feel her.

Food Cravings? Banana splits, watermelon, sweet corn on the cob, icees. I ate whopper jrs with cheese for about a week or so. I think I'm done now.

Gender? Girl. I'm still in awe. DH is eagerly anticpating the arrival of his "baby girl" as he keeps calling her. Oh and he wants a super pink nursery. I've talked him out of it and we are now looking at a purple theme.

What I Miss?  Well when I was buying beer for our vacation this weekend, I was looking at all the fruity mixer options at the liquor store and thinking how good they'd be. But only for a split-second. Then I put my hand on my belly and smiled because of all the wonderful reasons I hardly drank any alcohol over the past 3+ years. Her. I stopped drinking for her. All those things I can't/won't do anymore are reminders of how I got to this wonderful place.

Symptoms: Heartburn, excessive peeing, picky eating, sensitive to smells (ugh, fish yesterday at the grocery store. Why have salmon samples!?!)

What I'm looking forward to?  Are you kidding!?!  That nursery is getting set up soon, my step-sister (bridezilla, can you believe it?) told me yesterday that she and the other sisters are throwing me a baby shower. What? For me? Okay I'm choking up now.

Weekly Wisdom:  Dressers for nurseries/kids come with safety features. If you try to buy just a dresser separately, they typically have removable drawers. Those are not safe for babies and little kids. I'm glad I did so much research instead of jumping the gun and buying everything separate without reading into it a little more. We saved a lot by buying the entire nursery set together.

Milestones: I'm in the middle of my fifth month, and we're only 2 weeks away from V-Day!!!! It will also double as Father's Day too. We're getting another cake and celebrating. I might even have some s-e-x then.

Emotions:  I feel overly emotional and have snappy mood swings. DH gets the brunt of it. Other than feeling like everyone else around me is a bunch of idiots/morons (thanks hormones), I'm elated most of the time just knowing I'm having a little girl in a few months.

Week 21 belly pic:

Also won't post because blogger is a piece of shit. I'm glad I at least was able to draft this. If it doesn't post I'm gonna freak.

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