Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its New Years Eve...Shhh

We're going to bed. Claire fell asleep.
It's 10 pm. Best. New Years ever.

Happy New Years...

Oh wait. She's up.

It's nearly midnight now. She's puked, pooped, fed, and repeated several times. I think she wants to wait till the new year to go to sleep.

Still the best new years ever. I hope everyone who is still waiting gets their wish in 2012. I really do.

Over and out, still trying to get our overtired little girl to bed.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Christmas Post

I'm posting from my phone, had to get this down "on paper". Claire has slept 7 straight hours without eating or anything. How have I used this time? Pumping (oh the engorgement), washing and sterilizing and waiting for her to wake up. I've been up the last 2 hours doing that. She's really stirring now, just had to post this milestone.

2 month appt stats:

12 lbs 7oz (75th percentile)
40.4 cm head circumfrence (75th percentile)
24 inches long (90th percentile)

Completely healthy little girl. She coos a lot and smiles all the time. She eats 3-4 oz of pumped milk at daycare and nurses from me when at home. I love Breastfeeding and I'm so lucky its easy for us.

Back to bed now. It's 615 and I've been up 3 hours, pumped twice and fed a sleepy little girl. Christmas morning ever.

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