Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Still pregnant, for all you followers out there. I see nobody is following this blog so that was sarcasm...

I haven't thrown up yet and that's concerning me. Why? B/c I suffered from horrific PMS since Iwent through puberty and I always figured that any pregnancy hormones would hit me hard. Well, I just get nauseous if I'm hungry and usually from 10am - 3pm. So...I don't get it. I'll probably call the doctor's office on Friday (my day off) and tell them I'm nervous about it. Maybe I'll get another u/s if I really push.

Other than that, I went golfing with DH yesterday b/c it was 65 degrees. I carried my bag since there were no golf carts allowed and I hate pull carts. We only went five holes since it started getting chilly, I was starving and I'm out of shape. I thought I was going to puke. Maybe we'll go Sunday. Who knows? Dh has been great though. He's cleaning a lot and being attentive. He gets excited a lot about the baby but we're still on edge till the second trimester.

Oh, I ordered a doppler ($100 bucks!) from so I can sooth my psychotic internal ramblings since I'm terrified of having a missed miscarriage. My symptoms are so minor (sore bbs and mild nausea) that I'm scared that something is going or has gone wrong. Hopefully the doppler or doctor's office can make me feel better.

Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Weeks

Wow, it's just unbelievable that we're at seven weeks. I still have it in the back of my mind that the baby is measuring 6w4d but I don't care. The doctor told me to stay with the calendar I started with so whatever. Seven weeks!

The nausea has come and gone. I can't get too hungry; though my appetite has been huge, holy cow. I feel like a cow. Lol. My cold seems to have gone away (knock on wood) but my sinuses feel slightly swollen, you know what I mean? Not much of a runny nose but I feel kinda stuffy.

My back has had some aching, it comes and goes, and the cramping is very minor and is sporadic. Maybe the puking won't happen to me, I'd like it to just so I know how strong the hormones are, but if I can get by without it and have a strong, healthy baby, that's fine by me!

I just keep praying all goes well and I'm looking forward to some pleasant weather so I can go walking. I'll start next week at the gym (I have a membership I bought two months ago that I haven't used yet, the timing hasn't been there) twice a week. That should help. And I can walk at home, around the block and such. Spring starts next Friday! I can't believe it'll be late fall by the time we have this baby! I still call it our little sea monkey (that's what it looked like in the ultrasound pictures) but I figure by the end of next week I'll be calling it our little gummy bear. ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm at home; took the day off today to enjoy the ultrasound. I'll post more later, but it went fine. Baby is actually measuring at six weeks one day but the doc told me to consider myself six weeks four days. We'll see down the road if we need to change the due date, but the most it'd be off by is three days and she said its no biggie.

I started crying when I saw the baby and its heartbeat. We even got to listen to it, which his nuts! Dh says it was 128 bpm but I thought she said 113 bpm. Either way, our little one is measuring great and the doc is happy with what she saw.

Next appointment is a basic prenatal appt with a nurse on 3/31 and then with the doc for my first pelvic, heart monitoring, etc on 4/13!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 weeks 4 days

Still pregnant! I need to stop peeing on the dollar tree tests, but I really enjoy watching the progression of the darkening lines!

Sore boobs, especially the nipples.
Lower back pain kicked in today.
Queasiness started last Friday.
I enjoy ice cream and dill pickle potato chips (isn't it too early for cravings?)
Did I say tired a lot? 'Cause I am.
Constant runny nose.

I think I've been an obviously happier person though, overall. DH says things like, we're having a baby, I'm going to be a dad. I can't believe it...things like that. The timing of this is really good too. We're better prepared than we were last year. We have two good jobs, a house and a stable financial situation. Our marriage is solid as a rock, and our extended families are doing well.

I do still check the tp every single time I wipe, just in case. I think anybody would do that though, especially someone who's had a miscarriage.

Next Tuesday is the first u/s and appointment with my ob. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see our baby. It's unreal yet; every day I get a little more used to being pregnant. Yet, the puking hasn't begun yet so I may start to get a little annoyed with that symptom. Anytime I'm bothered, I'll remind myself of how badly we wanted this and that any m/s is a sign of a strong pregnancy.

Hopefully DH helps me clean the toilets more often though. Random note: I have sworn off pop (anything but diet 7-up/diet sprite/diet sierra mist) since my BFP. I'm scared the sweeteners and lack of health benefits will be bad for me or the baby. The only time I drink the diet sierra mist is when I can't stand water anymore or if we're eating out and it's all they have other than water.

DH has been wonderful though, and I'm a little surprised. He has been drinking a lot the past two saturdays but that's because 1) he's been celebrating and 2) his brothers came into town unexpectedly and drinking is what they do. I'm sure he'll back off of it this weekend until St. Patty's weekend. After that he'll have no real reason to have anything to drink till we visit his brothers again in late April. I guess I'm mostly tired of being the designated driver.

Only 2 days left and we'll be at 6 weeks! I need to find more synonyms for excited!

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