Friday, November 18, 2011

Claire's Birth Story

Since Claire will be a month old this Saturday, I should really get this birth story out before I forget it. Luckily for me she's napping in her swing (first time ever!) and its bought me a ton of time today. However, I had better make this quick:

We went in for the biophysical profile ultrasound on Tuesday, October 18th to measure her fluid levels and see how she was doing. The tech immediately said, "Well, the baby's breech." to which I responded, "Shut up!!!"  Thus the C-section was scheduled for the next day at 1:30 pm. I went to the lab right away to do a hemoglobin check (yay blood draw) and give a pee sample.

I slept pretty well that night and we had taken the opportunity to prepare our things and ourselves for the next day which we knew would change our lives forever.

Wednesday morning I was up around 8 a.m. and took my time getting ready. We then took pictures in the nursery to commerate the end of the pregnancy and the importance of the big day.

Upon arriving at the hospital at 11:30 a.m. I realized I had to pee really badly (hmm, 41+ weeks pregnant, ya think I had to pee a lot?) so DH checked me in. After filling out the paperwork I was given the option to either walk or take a wheelchair up to the room. With huge feet/cankles, a sore back, massive belly and overall just being exhausted, I took the chair.

We got to the room and were impressed with the big bathroom and the nice TV. When we'd taken the tour during the summer, the TVs in the rooms were really old, so the flat-screen was exciting. Apparently it didn't take much to make us happy at that point. I got undressed and put on the hospital gown in the bathroom, gave my pee sample. My nurse, Carol, was really nice and answered all of my questions because as usual, I needed to know everything that was going on. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink since Midnight so I was parched! DH didn't eat breakfast or anything so I made a stink about him grabbing a snack before the surgery since we both knew he wouldn't have a chance to eat for some time afterwards. Carol went and got him a diet coke, some oreos and graham crackers. He took the opportunity to eat it slowly in front of me. Torture!

I got into the bed and then I got my blood drawn after having my I.V. put in. Yes I was a little bit of a baby about the I.V. and asked for Lidocaine with it. I made it through IVF and multiple daily shots for months but wasn't jumping in with the I.V. DH wasn't surprised and held my other hand while it was put in. It really wasn't that bad but I think it was because of the Lidocaine.

Then the anesthesiologist came in and went over the spinal epidural procedure, asked questions and had me sign some papers. My doctor came in and was wearing his alligator cowboy boots under his scrubs. Crazy guy, love him. He was pumped for the procedure and definitely kept me relaxed. We were ahead of schedule but then, around 1:00 p.m. we were told that the pediatrician that was supposed to be in the O.R. during my C-Section, had to take a kid to X-ray so we were then suddenly behind schedule. But things got back on track and around 1:30 I was being walked into the operating room. DH got to wear scrubs:

I got into the O.R. while DH waited in the waiting room with my parents. My mom had shown up during my prep in the room to say hi and good luck. As I walked through the doors to the operating room, there were so many people and I couldn't help but say, "Is this all for me?"  The nurses were very kind and my nurse, Carol, was there to help me through the spinal. I sat on the table and bent forward as much as I could. When the anesthetic went in I could feel it and I just said, "Ow ow ow ow..." till it was done. When he put in the actual spinal I kept saying ow even though it didn't hurt, I could feel it and a little pressure. It got me through and overall it wasn't terrible. The feeling of my legs getting warm and numb was pretty cool too. I was laid back on the bed and then they put in the catheter. I was more worried about the catheter than the spinal. I must be crazy, right?

Once the room was all set up they had DH come in. Things went really quickly from there. I remember the docs talking about the person who'd set a bunch of exotic animals free and they'd had to be killed. I asked them to stop talking about that (I'm an animal lover and besides, it was quite the buzzkill at the time). Then I was asked if I wanted to hear any specific music. Had I known that was an option we would have brought in a playlist on our mp3 player. So we listened to whatever was playing on the radio.

Next thing I know they're telling me that Dr. B had made the incision. I asked them not to tell me anymore details, just when she was out and if she was okay. I said to Dr. B how amazing it was to be at this point after all we'd been through. He agreed that we were due our happy ending.

Dh held my hand and I could see the reflection of the procedure in the lights above so I asked to have the blue sheet pulled back a little to block the view. I was pretty grossed out by it all. DH, however, decided to watch the entire operation! I was told I'd feel a lot of pressure and boy did I! It was hard to breathe between the pulling/pushing and the spinal.

Finally I heard them say she was out and yes, she was a girl! I began completely bawling and waited to hear her cry. But she never really did. Then I started freaking out and sobbing to DH, "Why isn't she crying!?!? What is wrong?!!" He said she was fine, her eyes were open and she was waving her arms all around. He told me to look to my right and I did. They had her on the warmer and were checking her out. I could only see her little hands and her head but it was all I needed . Then I heard a little cry. She was just a quiet baby, that was all. I later asked for her APGAR scores: 8 and then 9. Excellent, right?

They brought her over to me and I couldn't believe this was MY baby. My little girl that had been inside me, moving and punching me. Poor thing was breech too so her head was a bit lopsided but that's all straightened out now.

Then they took her to the nursery to be cleaned up more and have tests done. DH went with her and then I just laid there on the table getting stiched up. The anesthesiologist gave me something to "relax" so I just stared at the ceiling grinning like a big idiot. I was a mom.

And the song playing when Claire was born?

"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars. Gotta love it.

Nothing was scary or complicated. I consider myself extremely blessed overall.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 23

First, some quick pics from Claire's arrival:

41w2d - We're Going To the Hospital!
Last moments before the C-Section.
Here she comes!!! (I was quite emotional at this point)

She's here!!!

Here we are on day 2 - I'm wearing my "gownie" and
a little makeup, I usually looked terrible!

We're in our third week now. Claire did great at her 3-week appointment. Up to 9 lbs 8 oz and measuring 21 3/4 inches long. She'd lost 10% of her weight in the hospital so we had to supplement with formula for 24 hours but in a re-weigh the day after we were discharged, she'd gained enough to quit the formula. I've been breastfeeding her since day one and I love it! I have to start pumping a lot now so there's a reserve for when I go back to work. We need to get her used to the bottle. It'll also allow DH to take some nighttime feeding shifts so I can sleep. I average maybe 5 hours of sleep every 24 hours, if I'm lucky.

I love every second of my diaper-filled, spit-up on, unkempt, exhausted, hungry life.

I need to write a post on how I feel guilty every time I am tired or my nipples hurt, or when Claire goes through 5 diapers in an hour or if I don't feel thrilled every second of every day since it took everything we had to get her.

We are so lucky and I hate that I have to go back to work soon! I love being a mommy.


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