Thursday, April 28, 2011

16w4d Update + Blog Awards

Has it really been 8 days since my last post? Crazy since I write posts in my head all the time, daily in fact, but I just don't have the time or access to actually write them. I wish I could dictate them.

Quick note: my step-sister's wedding was last weekend. Basically the train-wreck we all expected it would be. Best part was looking pregnant in my dress and getting to talk to family and friends about it. Worst part was that bridezilla forced us to be outside in 45 degree windy and wet weather for 2 hours to take tons of outdoor pictures as a bridal party. With no coats for our strapless knee-length dresses and heels. Bitch.

How Far Along? 16 weeks, 4 days. I'm officially 4 months down but quite a few to go.

Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants and a couple of maternity tops because they're so cute and springy. Oh and I love my maternity underwear. Got a nursing bra because there are no pregnancy bras. It's okay. The "around" is better than what I've got but I really should go get fitted for a proper bra or two.

Weight Gain? None. Dammit. Dropped 2 pounds so far this week. Trying to gain at least a pound in the next week and keep it on. I can put on weight like gangbusters when I'm not pregnant. This is nuts.

Stretch Marks? Nope. Not yet. Also following the small rose tattoo on my right lower front belly to see how that changes with the pregnancy. I'm expecting it to look hilarious by 9 months.

Sleep? Best night so far was last night. 8 hours and only 2-3 pee breaks, down from 5-6. Help please though: I now roll on my back in my sleep and if I have to pee I wake up in excruciating pain on my right side from my hip to my ribs and can't catch my breath. Once I pee it goes away after I lay back down and try to breathe slowly. I can't figure out what it is?

Best Moment of the Week? Not having to suck in my gut after a big luncheon at work yesterday. I actually quit worring about it because when I do, it doesn't make much of a visual difference and actually hurts my little "abs".

Movement? I swore I felt lots of "popcorn" on Monday night on and off for 30 minutes while laying on my side and watching TV. But I could be wrong. It was unlike anything I've ever felt before though.

Food Cravings? Still loving Mexican food. Also anything grilled. I've had about 4 steaks and 2 burgers in the last week. I really want beef. Hate fish. Hate fast food now. Yuck.

Gender? I feel its a boy, if there is such a thing as mother's intuition. Still planning on finding out next month. I suggested that DH and I find out together and then have our parents and siblings over for a party over Memorial Day Weekend to let them know the gender. DH is calling it a se.x part.y because he thinks its funny. That has to be his secret name for it though.

What I Miss? Not a damn thing. :)

Symptoms: Tired all the time so I go to bed by 9. It's glorious because I easily fall asleep. If you read my blog over the last year I was taking 2 benad.ryl each night just to sleep. Otherwise, heartburn, burps, constant peeing, minor mood swings now, more energy by far and a better appetite. I just can't seem to eat a lot of what I put on my plate. But the variety is enormous now compared to the first 14 weeks.

What I'm looking forward to? The anatomy ultrasound on 5/23/11 and starting the process of decorating the nursery and even registering for baby stuff! Also the kicking. I so want to feel the kicking.

Weekly Wisdom: Alluding to the best moment of the week - don't suck in your gut at this point of the pregnancy (or any for that matter). It doesn't feel good, so enjoy these months to not care!

Milestones: We went to my 16 week appointment on Tuesday and boy was it boring. Doppler check (nurse found the hb immediately, 150+ bpm), blood pressure check (normal), pee check (possible trace of protein but I passed with a recommendation to drink a little more water), and then the doc checked my uterus (ouch because my belly is so bruised from 2x/daily heparin shots!). He said it'll be over my belly button by my 20 week appointment. He also cleared me for golf, swimming and sex. He then reminded DH and I that if I don't feel comfortable doing any of it then I shouldn't. So no golf or sex for me. But I shall swim and love it if and when I have the opportunity!

Emotions: Daily happiness. What can I say? I'm thankful for every additional day I have to be a mother.


Onto my next topic - I've been awarded!

Thanks goes to Laura from The Adventures of an Infertile Myrtle and Kaitake! I also received the Stylish Blogger Award but as I already have it from last year I won't re-pass it on. However I am completely honored for any and all awards so thanks again!

Winners grab the image and put it in your blog. (check!)
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Tell 10 things about yourself (check! scroll down)
Award 15 recently discovered bloggers. (check! I came up with 10)
Contact the bloggers you have awarded to let them know they have won. (doing it now!)

Here are my 10 things:

1. I say I'm 5'10" but I'm always measured at 5'9"-ish. I was listed as 5'11" in high school basketball.
2. I do wear size 10 1/2 or 11 shoes in womens' sizes. Giant man-feet I tell ya.
3. I obsessively wash or sanitize my hands. That includes not touching the gas pump thingy because its gross.
4. I would rather stalk people on fac.ebook than actually post things about my life or myself.
5. I am very bossy and think people should do things my way. It's a personality flaw that I'm working on.
6. I've traveled almost 1/2 of the U.S. and quite a bit of Canada.
7. For the past 2 years I've been growing out my hair again but will likely get sick of it and chop it off to donate it to Locks of Lov.e like I did after our wedding.
8. I don't often pamper myself with salon-type things and I really wish I would or had the money to do so.
9. As a kid I didn't have tons of friends and preferred to read books all the time. I loved escaping.
10. I am a child of a twice-divorced mother and granddaughter to a thrice-divorced (and now deceased) grandmother. I'm ending the pattern of divorce. :)
Here are my awards:
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And this week's belly pic:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

15w3d And Growing (All Pregnancy Post)

How Far Along? 15 weeks 3 days (holy crap I'm almost 4 months pregnant!)

Maternity Clothes? Tops are normal though I have some super cute maternity tops now thanks to my first Wa.lmart order. All pants must be maternity. I wore my "fat pants" jeans on Sunday to lunch with my step-sisters and I looked super-gangster due to them falling down and forming a flat ass on the backside of my legs. Just terrible. At least maternity pants have elastic. I can't wear a belt, it hurts and seems pointless. On Monday, DH's aunt brought by three huge tubs of maternity clothes for me to take and I got to pick out what I wanted. Some were super-outdated but others were quite workable. Once they're washed I can wear them and I'm so excited! Also my Wal.mart order is arriving today (the last one I ordered XLs and apparently my weight loss put me in the L category now) and that makes me even MORE excited!

Weight Gain? I think I've officially stopped the weight loss and put on one pound! Let's see if it sticks around for awhile.

Stretch Marks? I think I'm getting some on my boobs. Belly is same but getting harder, don't know how to explain it. I'm typically mushy in the "abs" area and it's no longer a bowl full of jelly.

Sleep? 2-3 hours at a time. I have to pee a lot. I try to sleep on my left side (better blood flow to the baby) but I'm a right-side sleeper by habit. Even worse, I suddenly like to sleep on my back and wake up with a stomach ache because I have to pee or something. I'm sure the back sleeping will need to stop soon.

Best Moment of the Week? Every moment is great, here are a couple neat ones: I can officially see the "back" of my belly button. First time in my life. Huh. I think I'll be getting an outie soon....Listening on the doppler and hearing the baby move away and come back; I don't even have to push down with the wand anymore, I just put it on my pelvic region (getting closer to the belly though) and there it is. A nice loud heartbeat in the 150s.
Movement? It feels like there is something possibly scratching at me in there. I don't know how else to explain it. Its rare but sometimes I think I feel something. I'm sure I'll know for sure when it gets stronger. Tipped uterus so it could take longer, I have no clue.

Food Cravings? Mostly Mexican food; last night I quickly pounded a Little Thickb.urger from H.ardees, which I normally hate. I really seem to want grilled food., every single morning I have a big cup of orange juice but it must also have ice and a straw. I drink everything I can with a straw. I have no idea why. Perhaps because I want everything ice cold and I don't like the ice hitting my face? Oranges are a favorite snack (Vitamin C imbalance? Sheesh). Ice cream and strawberries but that's fading.

Gender? No clue. BUT....I was so adamant that I didn't want to find out the sex at our 20 week ultrasound but now I think I want to. I have my own rationalizations that have nothing to do with other people's opinions about our decision. DH wants to know and I think it might be fun to have something done where the tech takes the picture of the "money shot" and puts it in an envelope for us with a little piece of paper that says "boy" or "girl" and seals it. Then we can take it to our favorite bakery and have a small cake made with the inside frosting be the gender-color (and we get the envelope back too) so that when we have our cake we find out. It can still then be an intimate and memorable experience for us. Though we'd have to wait a day for the cake. :) The appointment is on a Monday afternoon so we'd probably drop off the order the next morning and pick it up after work or something. I just don't know if I'd want to have a party and find out in front of a lot of people. This way once we know we can do something fun to announce to the family since our pregnancy announcement this time was pretty quiet.

What I Miss? I'm afraid to say I miss anything because non-pregnant Christa would slap me so hard for not being thankful for everything I'm experiencing, good and bad. I suppose I do miss golfing (I'm not risking it) and having a normal appetite.

Symptoms: Sore boobs, dry skin, zits, fast growing hair (everywhere; I'm actually growing a beard of peach fuzz which is beyond strange), queasiness if I don't keep eating, gas, burping, mood swings, repulsed and scared by all things of the sexual nature (I've been a nun for nearly 4 months people), emotional....

What I'm looking forward to? Everything. Right now my belly is growing, I've officially popped (though it's small) and I still can't wait for that nice round belly which seems to be coming in a little more each day.

Weekly Wisdom:  DH's aunt said that after giving birth I'll physically look and feel 3 months pregnant for about 3 more months (better be sans puking) so I'll want to wear the maternity pants for awhile post-partum. That's all I've got for "wisdom" this week.

Milestones: Every single day of this pregnancy has been a major milestone. According to books and websites my kid probably has some of that dark brown hair from its dad's side if that's how the genetics panned out.

Emotions: Thankful, grateful, elated. All I care about is this baby, this pregnancy and I think I've earned the right to have blinders on right now. Also I feel like such an imposter, most days. I still have such a difficult time talking to people about the pregnancy as if it's a normal one. People ask if we were trying (who asks that?) or tell me stories of how they know someone who tried to make a boy or girl when TTC and asks if we did that, etc. I so badly want to shout from the rooftops that this is a precious IVF baby and I've fought for this pregnancy for years and of course we were trying...but I work and live in a religious community where IVF is not discussed unless its in a judgy way because of or whatever beliefs the person has. When people say, oh you can use that for your next one, I want to say that this might be our only one because we don't have the money to do IVF again any time soon. But its none of their business and I take the comment and shove it down into that little box where all the unintentionally hurtful comments went during the last 3+ years. Then I remember that I'm pregnant, in my second trimester, and smile.

First official belly pictures taken yesterday at 15w2d:

Finally, here is a picture of our three cats who love having their "bunk bed" back in the bathroom after 4 months:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I wish I could better convey my continued shock and awe that I am still pregnant. Imagine raised eyebrows, a half smile and jaw dropped. I wake up (well, during one of my several nighttime pee awakenings) and smile at how amazing it is to be in this place. A place I've longed for and dreamed about. A place snatched away from me too soon four other times. I have no complaints. I am simply thankful for all of this.

Updates (mostly pregnancy stuff  so scroll down if you don't want to read about that):

*Mother sent me an email apologizing and hoping that our relationship wasn't over. She took this whole thing a bit far, in my opinion. I emailed her back saying I'm over the whole thing, our relationship is fine and I that I loved her. I haven't heard back yet but the ball is in her court. Gotta love my crazy mom.

*After receiving PETA's response last week, I emailed back requesting they make a donation to RESOLVE in honor of NIAW. I haven't heard back and doubt that I will. I'm sure they're figuring we should be happy they took down the NIAW references on their website. Whatever. I still agree with their work, just not that ridiculous contest.

*Morning sickness started to wane a bit after the 13 week point. I hadn't thrown up since 9 1/2 weeks, however this Monday proved that the baby is in fact, in charge. I lost all the dinner I'd forced down and ended up going home early from work yesterday because I just couldn't function. I feel better today so I suppose the roller coaster of pregnancy continues. I don't complain when I puke, and afterwards I use the doppler to bring a big smile back when I hear that fast-paced heartbeat.

*I only wear maternity work pants now and have ordered some maternity clothes from Wal.mart. None of my spring/summer clothes fit me even though I've lost so much weight. I don't go into public on weekends because of my lack of clothes so I'm hoping my order arrives by Friday. My pre-existing pooch is steadily been pushed outwards, making me look flabby still. I'm hoping for something a bit rounder in the next couple of weeks. I've wanted a belly for so long, I can barely contain my excitement when I think about how soon it is that I'll have an official bump!

Finally, I wanted to note this for those of you interested in television getting IF stuff right. After recently catching up on all the past seasons of Gre.y's Anat.omy, I decided to watch Private Practice. Guilty pleasure, I know. So I watched the third disc of Season 1 last night, thanks to Netf.lix. Here is the rundown of what happened in an IF case which made me yell at the screen:

-35-ish aged couple comes in after TTC for 2 months and they want testing done.
-Same-day (regardless of where she is in her cycle) the RE and Addison (Board-certified neonatal surgeon, ob/gyn) do an LH and FSH draw on the wife and a semen analysis on the husband.
-Results are in within a couple of hours; couple stayed at the clinic to wait I guess. Wife's numbers are good and she's about to ovulate, also she has some fibroids (no u/s was mentioned earlier) that are not a problem now but could be later on. They should hurry to concieve as she's "old".
-Husband has no viable sperm in his sample. He is told he is sterile. Husband decides wife should immediately pick a donor for an IUI, same-day. He wants her to have kids, doesn't want to adopt.
-Wife can't pick a donor. The next day, husband brings in his arsehole brother to be the father/uncle. Couple decides to do IUI, that day, with brother's sperm. Just before RE pushes in the swimmers, couple says "No!" and decides not to go that route because the brother is an arsehole/jerk.
-Addison (neonatal surgeon, ob/gyn) and Naomi (RE) try to figure out how to get this couple pregnant. Decide to recommend TESE. This is day 2 of diagnosis by the way. Couple is happy, decides to go this route.
-Wife in one bed, husband in another. They do the TESE as he's awake, showing the procedure on a screen. Wife in next bed is ready to have her egg (though Addison says eggs) removed in case they are able to find any swimmers. SAME DAY PEOPLE. The couple must have fantastic insurance. Also there was no embryologist in the room, anesthesiologist, etc. Addison and Naomi do the TESE and find just one swimmer.
-ICSI is performed (are you kidding me?!) immediately and mitosis is quickly shown on the screen.
-TRANSFER IS DONE IMMEDIATELY. Patient sent home, who asks if it's too soon to feel pregnant.

Gag me. Please. I screamed at the screen out loud and silently. I was so mad that people were given the impression that this is all actually possible on a whim! Argh.

Oh and I watched more "Pregnant in Heels" last night. The only IF stuff was Rosie telling her husband that the clinic called and that he had to give his sample, that day. She apologized for forgetting to pick up the p.orn. DH saw that and laughed. Then Rosie said she should have made her husband a video. Then DH looked at me like, "why didn't you make me videos?". Sigh. Otherwise the pregnant ladies were awful. Again. Well, the one who wanted a gay assistant to help her with her busy life of planning her own parties in days was terrible. But the other one who didn't want to have sex with her husband and him saying she should "force herself to have sex with him" was so interesting since DH bugs me all the time and I am so not interested. Rosie did a good job showing the husband why his wife didn't want to be intimate. Oh and the sex couple? They met in Gemology School. They make jewelry. Huh.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Emailed PETA, Got A Response - Do We Win?

I sent this email yesterday to PETA; I wanted to do something other than sign the petition and bitch on my blog:

Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 12:08 PM

To: Ingrid Newkirk
Subject: NIAW "honor" is offensive

Ms. Newkirk:

As an infertile, I'm appalled at PETA's insensitivity of the vasectomy contest currently offered in "honor" of National Infertility Awareness Week.

Would you offer a free mastectomy in honor of Breast Cancer?
Would you offer free beer in honor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving?

Would you offer a free skin bleaching in honor of Black History Month?

Please end this offensive campaign. It is tarnishing PETA's reputation and hurting millions of people in the process.

Thank you.

Christa O.

Here is the response I received moments ago:

From: Zoe Rappoport

Date: Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 1:21 PM
Subject: Re: NIAW "honor" is offensive
To: ""

Dear Christa,

Thank you for contacting PETA about your objections to our contest offering a free vasectomy; please allow me to respond for Ingrid. We are sorry to have offended you, and we have removed the phrase “in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week” from our website. We understand that this was not a wise choice of words.

Our goal was to focus attention on the tragic suffering and death of homeless dogs and cats. Since the best way to prevent animal companions from having unwanted litters is to spay and neuter them, a kind PETA member offered to cover the cost of a vasectomy for one compassionate man who wants to get himself “snipped” just like his furry friend.

To learn more about our efforts to address the animal overpopulation crisis, please visit Thank you again for contacting us and for the opportunity to share our thoughts.

Zoe Rappoport
PETA Foundation

So they took down the NIAW stuff. Do we get an apology? A donation to RESOLVE? I guess we'll see. At least they took it down.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weighing in on PETA; Bravo's "Pregnant In Heels"; Mother Update

Two posts in one week. Do I get a gold star on my chart? This shall be less pregnancy, more IF-related today. I actually wrote this post in my head this morning. Sigh. Now I have to actually type it. When will we have the technology to write things with our minds?

To preface, I'm a huge animal lover. I can't even watch a movie or show where an animal is hurt or tortured, real or fake. I have been a big supporter of PETA since I heard of the organization when I was a kid. If you haven't heard about the hot issue right now, just go to PETA's website. You'll be appalled if you're an infertile (whether you have a baby in your arms, are pregnant or are still battling). I have put up a link on the right side of my blog if you'd like to sign the petition. Feel free to read the comments people have left on that site regarding PETA's massively offensive campaign. It's funny too because PETA has no problem attacking anyone for being offensive but when they're in the crosshairs of infertiles, nothing hits the newswaves and no changes are made to what they've done. I'm sure if they offended breast cancer victims/survivors it'd be front page news. But nooooo. Infertiles don't qualify for equal treatment and clearly are being ignored. Hopefully if we keep screaming, something will be done.

Bravo's "Pregnant In Heels":
This show is about a woman named Rosie Pope who is a self-proclaimed "Maternity Concierge" to wealthy New York women. She has a fashion line of maternity clothing, bags, etc. and does house calls to cater to whatever her clients want. Google her - but if you can afford her clothes and services I don't know what you're doing in the blogosphere for infertiles because you much have better things to do with your time. ;)

I watched this show because right now I'm addicted to all shows about pregnancy. I have avoided them like the plague for 3 years and I feel like I'm catching up. I HATED this show for the first 20 minutes or so. But like the trainwreck I saw it for, I continued to torture myself and watch .

Then it happened. I saw Rosie use a Follistim pen and she began talking about her infertility, heart-shaped uterus and IVF. My jaw dropped, then I called DH in the room to tell him. He didn't care but I felt like I had to tell someone because when infertility/IVF is on TV I get really excited. DH and I have been semi-open about our struggles with certain people (a huge step for us) - we have to be careful because of the huge Catholic population here and some/most that we know or are related to oppose in-vitro because of their religion and we don't want to deal with their opinions or possible negative treatment of our child.

But to get back on track, I think I'll continue to watch this show. I found out the results of her IVF cycle. I won't share it here but if you want to know (for whatever reason) let me know or check it out online.

Mother: psychotic and blamed me and my step-sister for her big announcement at the shower. No apology received for it at all. She got really mean, verbally attacked me for all kinds of issues unrelated to the one topic I went there to discuss, and blew up at me while throwing her predictable tantrum as she stomped out of the room. As we went to leave, DH and I quietly chuckled to ourselves (we're used to my mom's "crazy"), and my dad gave me a hug before going to deal with her aftermath. So I guess now we're not on speaking terms but I'm really glad I told her how I felt. It's been about 10 years since I did that and now that I'm not a teenager under her roof that she can push around, she didn't like it and responded exactly how I figured she would. We shall see how this plays out. Gotta love momma drama. If you've ever watched "Samantha Who?" from ABC then you'll remember her mother. That's my mom, in a nutshell, but crazier.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Work Announcement, A Shower, My Mother and 13+ Weeks

First off, some good stuff. I've never completed one of these things but they seem to give a good run-down of how things are progressing. If you want to know about this pregnancy, read on. If not and you want to read about how my weekend went and how my mother is on my shit list, scroll down*.

How far along: 13 weeks, 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: -10 lbs since BFP

Maternity clothes: Completely maternity on bottom, mixing it up on the top. I bought some sweet work maternity pants at Younkers last Friday and they are like sweats! I might wear them forever.
Sleep: Can't get enough of it, especially since I wake up every 2 hours to pee. I can't stay awake past 9:30 pm.

Best moment of the week: Listening to our baby's heartbeat on the Doppler (I do this every other evening). Seeing the smile on DH's face makes my heart melt every time. Oh and having my last PIO shot on Sunday night!

Food cravings/aversions: Mexican food is my favorite; I'm hating chicken (unless its in a taco, quesadilla or chimichunga) and a whole bunch of other foods. I swore I wouldn't drink pop and haven't since Christmas Day but last week I discovered that if I sip on some caffeine-free diet Dr. Pepper or Pepsi, it makes my nausea all but disappear. The main reason for anti-pop attitude is the Phenylalanine in it. Guess what? There was Phenylalanine in the Zofran my doctor gave me! Um, I'll enjoy the pop, thankyouverymuch. It doesn't make me super constipated (TMI). So I'm rationing the pop to when I absolutely feel awful.

Belly button in or out: In, but get this - I've had a "deep" belly button my whole life. Now I can see the end of it and so can DH. The whole shape of it has changed. With all the weight loss, I can't tell if it's the baby belly or not. Even at my skinniest my belly button was a "cavern", according to DH.
Stretch marks: Just the beauties I've had for years.
What I miss: Absolutely nothing; I'm beyond grateful and humbled that I'm actually in my 13th week.

What I am looking forward to: Currently I'm excited for the 20-week ultrasound appointment just to see how huge the baby will be. Also I can't wait till my pudgy burgeoning baby belly becomes more rounded in the next few weeks.
Weekly wisdom: I was told by a co-worker that I am being selfish for not wanting to find out the baby's gender because it makes gift-buying very difficult for friends and family. Nice.....
*Let's go down the list of how my weekend went:
Friday - I announced the pregnancy at work. At my law firm, the tradition is that the person making an announcement goes to a local favorite shop called Donut Boy and buys 2-3 dozen donuts, puts them in the break room and sends out an email announcing their news. Typically there are two types of announcements: babies and engagements. Friday was also April Fool's Day. I would NEVER joke about a pregnancy announcement, so that wasn't the catalyst.  My belly and obvious morning sickness was getting a lot of attention last week so I figured Friday was the day to spill the beans. Everyone was very congratulatory and most of the women said they "just knew".
I felt like such an impostor, like I didn't deserve to be getting all that attention. I really didn't want it anyways, its not my style. After all these years watching other women have pregnancies and announcements and listening to all the women gab about it, I couldn't believe it was happening to me. I still can't. Overall its very strange.
Saturday - My sister's bridal shower. I was not in charge (I usually am 100% in charge), so it was pretty much a disaster. She seemed to have a fun time though, so whatever.
Here's the stunner for the day though. In addition to the groom's family and the bride's friends, the matriarchs of my side of the family showed up, consisting of two aunts and Grandma. My mother asked me if she could tell our side of the family about the baby. I said no because it was my sister's special day and if the family asked me I would tell them privately.  I swear to g.od five seconds later she asks me to come over to where they were sitting for "just a second". I had been checking in guests, making name tags and pretty much trying to keep the bride out of the room so it could finish being set up (disaster, I tell you). I go over, thinking that they need a drink or something, and this is what comes out of my mother's mouth: "Attention everyone! I have an announcement to make! She's going to be so mad at me, but Christa's pregnant!!!!!!". To the whole room. All I could do was, through teary eyes, put a finger to my lips and say "Shh, it's Rachel's day so please don't say anything, but thanks for the congrats."
And I walked away.  My family was half-excited, half-horrified at what my mother had done. I don't even need to explain to any of you why I'm so upset. I'm sure you can figure it out.
Tonight I will be meeting with my mother, my dad and my husband to basically lambast my mother for what she did and let her know that her behavior (not just on Saturday, she's been just awful for months) and constant comments to me that seem to dismiss our infertility struggle to get to this point are unacceptable and it all needs to stop. She will likely respond like a "Real Housewife of Whatever County" and flip the table while running to her room to throw a tantrum, slamming the door on her way. That is how she behaves when confronted, which is why it's been 10 years since I've done it.
Wish me luck.  
Sunday - I sat on my butt all day watching TV and relaxing after having slept in till 11 a.m. and I even answered our front door in my robe and sweats with ratty hair at 2:30 pm. It was a perfect day.

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