Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am...

A breast-feeding, baby food making, cloth diapering, stay-at-home mom.

I lost my job at the end of March. No I don't want to talk about it. Yes I do want to brag about my amazing baby girl and how my dreams are realized every day with all that I get to do.

DH got a second job right after I got shit-canned so we're surviving for now. I'm looking for a new job but this economy sucks.

Before I had Claire I wanted to breast feed. I wanted to make my baby her own food. I wanted to use cloth diapers and I wanted to be a stay at home mom. If I had to lose my job to do all those things, then dammit it was the best thing, right?

First, a picture:

Six months old. Holy crap!

What else - oh yeah I was diagnosed with PPD in March. I was pretty crazy. Not harm my baby crazy but definitely wanted to maim my husband. Also my milk production took a huge dive and I kind of just realized that I was totally miserable except with my baby girl. So I started taking Zoloft and what do you know, I'm a happy person now! Kind of muted my crazy, I suppose.

Oh and I gained 50 pounds while pregnant. I have lost all of it and then some. So hard to believe because I've been a little overweight for years thanks to infertility, but now that weight's all gone too. I'm back down to my wedding weight, which was pretty nice. The only thing I can't lose is my little pooch where Claire was for 9+ months. I suppose working out would help. I'd like to credit breastfeeding for every bit of my weight loss. Oh and chores and lifting Claire. That might help too.

She is going in for her 6 month check up this Friday but I'll bet she's almost 30 inches and weighs over 17 pounds. Tall and lean. That's my kid. She has abs. Did I mention that before?

She can sit up mostly unassisted. She loves to be assisted while standing. She spazzes out in her jumperoo and wheels around mostly backwards in her walker.

We moved her into her own room a week and a half ago and its going well. I waited till six months (and when I was ready) and she's loving it. I think she sleeps better.

She's in 9 month clothing and growing fast. A great eater and loves to feed herself. She grabs the spoon and sticks it in her own mouth. All business about food, this one.

She has her mama's blue eyes with a little of her daddy's hazel in the middle. Her hair is super spiky and seems to be darkening to a light brown.

Claire smiles all the time, gives big sloppy kisses and hugs. She's not talking in sentences but mostly gibberish with some ba's and ga's. I love her to pieces and can definitely say she's the best thing I ever did.


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