Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weighing in on PETA; Bravo's "Pregnant In Heels"; Mother Update

Two posts in one week. Do I get a gold star on my chart? This shall be less pregnancy, more IF-related today. I actually wrote this post in my head this morning. Sigh. Now I have to actually type it. When will we have the technology to write things with our minds?

To preface, I'm a huge animal lover. I can't even watch a movie or show where an animal is hurt or tortured, real or fake. I have been a big supporter of PETA since I heard of the organization when I was a kid. If you haven't heard about the hot issue right now, just go to PETA's website. You'll be appalled if you're an infertile (whether you have a baby in your arms, are pregnant or are still battling). I have put up a link on the right side of my blog if you'd like to sign the petition. Feel free to read the comments people have left on that site regarding PETA's massively offensive campaign. It's funny too because PETA has no problem attacking anyone for being offensive but when they're in the crosshairs of infertiles, nothing hits the newswaves and no changes are made to what they've done. I'm sure if they offended breast cancer victims/survivors it'd be front page news. But nooooo. Infertiles don't qualify for equal treatment and clearly are being ignored. Hopefully if we keep screaming, something will be done.

Bravo's "Pregnant In Heels":
This show is about a woman named Rosie Pope who is a self-proclaimed "Maternity Concierge" to wealthy New York women. She has a fashion line of maternity clothing, bags, etc. and does house calls to cater to whatever her clients want. Google her - but if you can afford her clothes and services I don't know what you're doing in the blogosphere for infertiles because you much have better things to do with your time. ;)

I watched this show because right now I'm addicted to all shows about pregnancy. I have avoided them like the plague for 3 years and I feel like I'm catching up. I HATED this show for the first 20 minutes or so. But like the trainwreck I saw it for, I continued to torture myself and watch .

Then it happened. I saw Rosie use a Follistim pen and she began talking about her infertility, heart-shaped uterus and IVF. My jaw dropped, then I called DH in the room to tell him. He didn't care but I felt like I had to tell someone because when infertility/IVF is on TV I get really excited. DH and I have been semi-open about our struggles with certain people (a huge step for us) - we have to be careful because of the huge Catholic population here and some/most that we know or are related to oppose in-vitro because of their religion and we don't want to deal with their opinions or possible negative treatment of our child.

But to get back on track, I think I'll continue to watch this show. I found out the results of her IVF cycle. I won't share it here but if you want to know (for whatever reason) let me know or check it out online.

Mother: psychotic and blamed me and my step-sister for her big announcement at the shower. No apology received for it at all. She got really mean, verbally attacked me for all kinds of issues unrelated to the one topic I went there to discuss, and blew up at me while throwing her predictable tantrum as she stomped out of the room. As we went to leave, DH and I quietly chuckled to ourselves (we're used to my mom's "crazy"), and my dad gave me a hug before going to deal with her aftermath. So I guess now we're not on speaking terms but I'm really glad I told her how I felt. It's been about 10 years since I did that and now that I'm not a teenager under her roof that she can push around, she didn't like it and responded exactly how I figured she would. We shall see how this plays out. Gotta love momma drama. If you've ever watched "Samantha Who?" from ABC then you'll remember her mother. That's my mom, in a nutshell, but crazier.


Laura said...

Ok, now I'm going to have to go back and watch the whole Pregnant in Heels episode. I thought I DVR'd Bethanny and it was that instead. I thought it was some crap DVR karma. I watched 5 minutes and turned it off :)

Jen said...

Omg I just finished my post about pregnant I heels! Haha! Great minds, right? :) I am sorry you're dealing with mama drama, I woukd have been so upset if my announcement took away from my sister's shower!! Hope you're feeling well!!

Bridget said...

I wrote about Pregnant in Heels today too- great minds ;) When we were watching Steve shouted- there's our pen!!! LOL!

Crossing My Fingers said...

I've read a few blogs where women have contacted PETA and they've posted their return emails. Basically, PETA told them that they should adopt because the world, like the animal population is overpopulated. Nice, huh?

I've noticed that celebrities don't even touch the infertility subject, I mean name one that's a real, true advocate. I mean some admit that I've had IVF or adopted but none REALLY speak about the pain and bring awareness to the world about infertility.

Ellen (who I love and watch daily) always has these prego women with their 1st or 5th kid and whose husband has lost their job or they make little money and she gives them money, baby stuff, etc...How about giving an infertile some money for treatment? Bring awareness to that!

Okay, sorry, I got on my soapbox, I'm done now!!!

MJ said...

Ugh. PETA makes my blood boil. Also, Bravo is my main source of TV entertainment, and when I heard they were starting a new show called Pregnant in Heels...I about lost it. I haven't been able to watch it yet (just too hard), but I'm glad to hear there's a bit of "reality" about IF in there.

So, I never heard back from FP!! I sent several emails, and nothing! We're really in limbo right now, so that's tough. Not sure what's next...

Have a great weekend!

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