Thursday, May 12, 2011


Here's how my last 20 minutes have gone:   poke, poke, poke......KICK!.....poke............KICK KICK!..........poke, and so on.

I'm not a big soccer fan so I'm hoping we have a punter on the way. :) I keep smiling when he/she does it and I even blurt things out like, "Okay I do know you're there!" and "Why hello! Can I help you?"  I eat constantly so he/she isn't hungry. I'm figuring complete boredom; what else is he/she going to do in there? Play jump rope with the umbilical cord?

So as you can see, we have plenty of movement/kicking and what I call poking. Pokes are light and the kicks make me jump and catch my breath because they startle me so much. DH finds it hilarious and boring all at the same time because he can't feel/see them yet. Oh he will.

Here are my updates for the week with some pictures to boot:

How Far Along? 18 weeks, 4 days

Maternity Clothes? Pants and some tops yet. I'm excited for this nice weather because I have some maternity capris I want to wear in public since I feel well enough to be somewhat social these days. I also got a new maternity shirt. You like?

Weight Gain? I was 196-ish the day of my transfer. Once pregnant I quickly dropped to 180 (morning sickness: the best diet ever....heavy sarcasm there). The past 4 months I've even dropped into the 170s. I cannot seem to get over the 180/181 lbs mark. I have a feeling I'm going to get scolded at my 20-week appt for not gaining any weight.

Stretch Marks? I think I'm starting to get some on my sides, or the old ones are getting darker? Stomach is fine yet.

Belly Button In or Out?  Still in but quickly changing, I predict an outie by the end of the 2nd trimester.

 Sleep? I caught some kind of cold (don't even get me started) so due to a sore throat Sunday night I didn't sleep and felt terrible so I took Monday off as a sick day. But I feel much better now and am only stuffed up. Other than Sunday night's suckfest, I continue to sleep in 2-hour intervals. That is because I pee 2-4 times each night. At least I'm not peeing in the bed anymore (accident free since 9 weeks!)...

Best Moment of the Week? Mother's Day.

Movement? Frequent, especially if I sit leaning forward. I think Junior hates it when I do that. Or loves it because he/she gets super-active. I'll get some kicking action about 2-3 times per day and I look forward to it so much.

Food Cravings? I feel like I'm regressing back to the super-picky stages from the first trimester. But I am eating a lot of fresh fruit and some cheeses so that's got to be good. I was eating frozen french pizzas for about a week but those are now done for good. I bought some sweet corn yesterday so I'll be eating that this weekend for sure.

Gender? Starting to lean to the girl side for some reason. We find out in 12 days!

What I Miss? Eating like a normal person.
Symptoms: Heartburn, tired, nausea (still), mood swings, frequent urination

What I'm looking forward to? Swimming. I can't stop thinking about getting in a pool and relaxing.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't think that morning sickness is gone forever once you feel better. It can come back when you least expect it.

Milestones: I'm being weaned off Prednisone this week so that's pretty cool!

Emotions: Specifically I nearly cry sometimes when I feel the baby being active. Or when something sad is on TV or in the paper. Otherwise I'm just so happy to still be pregnant.

Here are some pictures:



Jack, Milo and Bella enjoying the nice weather last weekend:

My first purchase for the baby:

I can't believe I bought this!  Also I got it on Ama.zon for less than three bucks so thats a steal...


kkasun said...

What a cute bump!!!
I was only up a few pounds at my 20 week and my doctor said she was glad that it was less than 5. So maybe your dr will be fine with your lack of weight gain???
I love the new shirt!

nwunye said...

i just came across your blog - and I'm so grateful on your behalf :) my sister struggled with infertility for 8.5 long years, and just gave birth to a heavenly baby girl in march. i know her overflowing joy will be yours too. congratulations!

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