Sunday, December 25, 2011

Quick Christmas Post

I'm posting from my phone, had to get this down "on paper". Claire has slept 7 straight hours without eating or anything. How have I used this time? Pumping (oh the engorgement), washing and sterilizing and waiting for her to wake up. I've been up the last 2 hours doing that. She's really stirring now, just had to post this milestone.

2 month appt stats:

12 lbs 7oz (75th percentile)
40.4 cm head circumfrence (75th percentile)
24 inches long (90th percentile)

Completely healthy little girl. She coos a lot and smiles all the time. She eats 3-4 oz of pumped milk at daycare and nurses from me when at home. I love Breastfeeding and I'm so lucky its easy for us.

Back to bed now. It's 615 and I've been up 3 hours, pumped twice and fed a sleepy little girl. Christmas morning ever.


Amanda said...

Happy 1st Christmas! Enjoy they day with your beautiful family.

Heather said...

I'm glad breastfeeding is going well for you. I wish my experience was better, but I'm glad I breastfed as long as I did. I really enjoyed it too, just wish I made more milk! We are so blessed to have healthy babies this Christmas. Hope you guys had a wonderful day!

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