Friday, February 15, 2013

Still pregnant

4 weeks today according to the opks. The Dr wants a beta and progesterone draw due to my history. Repeat beta on Sunday. I didn't even ask for betas! Oh well I won't complain.

I have pretty strong morning sickness but I haven't thrown up yet. Food aversion? Check. Sore boobs? Check. Tired? Oh yeah.

We aren't telling anyone for awhile. I have a 6 week ultrasound on march 5 now to get placement and hopefully see a heartbeat. We wonder if there are two in there? Oh boy....

Thanks for the well wishes! Its nice to know people still care even after I kind of went off the grid.


Lori B. said...

That's great news! And of course we still care. I went off the grid too, it happens with young ones :-) Plus even though I moved away a few years ago, I gotta keep up with my fellow Iowa girl!

Liz said...

How wonderful! If you can, please let us know how the blood tests go. I am just so happy for you and your family!

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