Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Negative - Damn

So all evidence points to another big fat failure. The tests are blindingly negative today. AF will start on Thursday. One more cycle is covered by insurance. Only at 50% though so it's basically another hundred dollars or maybe even two hundred  for more out of pocket so we can't complain.

What to do if it doesn't work though? Frick. IUIs seem to be a waste of time. But without a job or coverage for IVF, it's not sensible to just jump right in. We really need something to go our way. For once.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry! I was really hoping this was going to work for you this cycle! *Hugs*

Lindsay said...

::Big Hugs:: I'm so sorry. I was really hopeful for you this cycle.

So what will you all do? Another IUI at 50%, or start saving for an RE/IVF?

Christa said...

We'll most likely do another IUI and if the doc lets us, 1-2 more that would be out of pocket. In the meantime, we'll wait till I get a job to move on the IVF situation. DH may get a different job but since the employer is a Catholic college, I'd bet my right foot that they don't cover IVF. So pressure's on me to get the coverage. We could do out of pocket but DH won't agree to it unless I have a job and I agree with that plan.

But I want to move on IVF as soon as possible. Maybe by July or August at the latest since DH's urologist won't let him be on the Clomid after that.

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