Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CD17 - No "O"?

Hi. I'm not so grumpy today.....

I've been dipping OPKs into pee-filled cups since CD14. Nada. No ovulation yet. I am currently freaking out for the following reasons:

1. the HSG is supposed to be done around CD5-CD9. At this point, I haven't ovulated. It is possible the HSG will be on CD2 or CD3. Oh crap. It'll be a seriously bloody, painful mess. I hope it isn't cancelled.
2. I get AF exactly 14 days after I ovulate. Well, sometimes 12 days. Still, at this point I'm not expecting AF till 10/13 at the earliest now, still making the HSG fall on CD3. WTF!
3. No I'm not pregnant. I checked. Dammit.
4. what if I missed it? Good thing we "did it" Saturday night (CD13), but still, that's not like me to ovulate exactly mid-cycle.

So that's it. Any thoughts on an HSG being a little earlier in the cycle? It shouldn't be too much of a problem, right?

I watched "Parenthood" last night on NBC. One couple was fighting about whether or not to try for baby #2 (according to them, #1 was so easy to concieve). All I did was heckle. DH didn't really appreciate me throwing popcorn at the screen either. Gotta love being a bitter infertile.

We are loving our '09 Chevy Traverse. Can't wait for upcoming road trips: 10/8/10 (Madison, WI for "Wicked"), 10/15/10 (St. Louis, MO for HSG and IVF consult). I'm sure we'll find somewhere else to go in that thing. Other than continual trips back down to St. Louis!

The only good thing about AF running a little late would be that the IVF cycle would be set up better so that the typical transfer days don't fall around Thanksgiving weekend, as they were shaping up to be. I would have to be on more meds to delay/prolong stuff. Perhaps the 2-3 day delay will save us some med money.

Finally, when we go down for the consult, we'll finalize everything and hopefully get started right away. I'll get my med list and go about quickly finding the best deals on the necessary meds. I have 10 vials of Repronex and 5 days of 5mg Femara/Letrozole pills. That should help. I use Shrafts/Walgreens typically but if any of you know a cheaper (proven) option or have leftover meds I could buy, it would mean the world to me! DH is draining his 401k and Pension to pay for IVF #1 and he said (though I might be able to change his mind) that if IVF #1 doesn't work and subsequent FETs or if we don't have frozen embryos, he doesn't want to finance further cycles. So since the meds might be mostly out of pocket this time, any money we can save would be amazing! Again, even with DH's new job, there is zero IVF coverage.

Oh, yeah. The retrograde ejaculation on the day of IUI #9. It was unexpected and I contacted DH's urologist who said that he wouldn't see this as anything other than a fluke and doesn't think it'll happen again but if it does that we should contact him. Dr. B (my doc) thought it was some kind of stage fright. Yeah right. It wasn't DH's first rodeo. He's all business with that stuff now.


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