Monday, September 26, 2011

Pregnancy Announcements Still Hurt

My step-sister, the bridezilla, remember her? She's making the calls to announce she's approximately 5 weeks pregnant. They weren't even really trying. She got off birth control in April. I'm having a hard time being super-excited for her. What is wrong with me? My miracle baby is squirming inside me right now. I'm going to be a mom in the next two weeks. But I'm jealous of my step-sister getting knocked up without trying? Then she dares announce it this early? That makes me even more upset. Infertility has really messed with my psyche. ALSO BLOGGER SUCKS. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO POST FROM MY PHONE AND IT WON'T WORK. SO IF YOU'RE NOT HEARING FROM ME, BLAME BLOGGER'S MOBILE SUCKINESS.


Sushigirl said...

You could always blame the hormones? Och, I think going through long term IF and lots of losses is always going to make anyone's 'easy' success a bit hard to take!

And soon you'll be too busy to think about it.

B. Wilson said...

I'm with you. I have that same jealousy toward those who haven't experienced loss since I've had a full term stillbirth and a blighted ovum. I'm now 4 months pregnant and still bitter and annoyed when others get pregnant. I'm not in the IF crowd, but I'm jealous that they likely won't lose their babies to a horrific cord accident like myself and won't know what it's like to hold their full-term dead baby. They'll just experience pregnancy and birth and all that crap all lovely and dreamy. Me, notsomuch.

You aren't alone and we both have totally different stories (though loss and blighted ovum alike).

Wishing you the best for this pregnancy. I found you through another blog. I swear I can read blogs all day because of those blogrolls! :)

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