Monday, October 10, 2011

40 Weeks

Based on my retrieval date, I am 40 weeks pregnant today. The baby has always measured ahead on ultrasounds, but the tape measure puts her right on track every time. Now I'm freaking out bc I'm afraid her placenta will stop working. My 40 week appt ia this afternoon so we will discuss our options. She hasn't dropped, my cervix is hard, closed and posterior. I guess this means c-section? I'm waffling as to whether I want to go into labor naturally I'd get her out here while I know she's okay. I can't control everything, but I sure can try! Question: when should I get a non-stress test? HMOs suck.


brandy said...

NSTs should start now, if you are going to wait on labor. The doctor can also do an ultrasound to grade your placenta (how well it is functioning). Good luck and Congrats!

Emily said...

I can't give you any help on the NST, but I CAN say YOU FREAKIN' MADE IT TO 40 WEEKS!! So excited for you and what is going to happen so very soon!

Calmly Chaotic said...

I hope she drops and soon! I know it's stressful making it to your due date (stressful but amazing!!) but hopefully she will come soon!

Cristal said...

Do a nst now. Just to be safe. And I want to say I've followed your journey on here and am so excited for you!!!!!! You so much deserve this wonderful baby and I cannot wait to read about the birth! You are such a strong person and I admire you for that! I'll be praying for a safe delivery!!:)

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