Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving On

My fake silver cap on my nub of a baby tooth is feeling pretty good. I get the crown put on December 1st, so I have to chew on the left side of my mouth till then. Fun. And right around my favorite holiday - halloween. No I don't love it for the dressing up and spooky spirit, just the candy. I have a pretty bad candy addiction and it's been a problem since my first taste of candy when I was a small child. I wonder if there's rehab for candy addicts. There should be a dentist on-site...don't you think?

I believe I got a positive OPK yesterday, putting AF's arrival exactly two weeks from yesterday or today. I don't know if Dr. S will want me to come down St. Louis on CD3 or early in my cycle for an antral follicle count or if he'll do it any time around the end or beginning of my cycle? I confirmed with the IVF nurse yesterday that I will start BCPs when I get AF so that's super exciting!

I have to stay positive that this IVF will work - I have been pregnant 4 times, my uterus is looking excellent and the mild endo shouldn't affect anything. It's a matter of staying pregnant that's scary. I hope the prednisone/heparin/baby aspririn/progesterone(PIO) will work! I sure won't be in the running for a bikini contest after months of injections though!

Finally, can anyone direct me to a website or pharmacy who has very low prices on IVF meds? I don't know what they'll want me on yet, but I'm hoping that we can get all our meds for less than $1000. Is this possible? I think I'll be on Lupron and since I already have all the Repronex I need, I was told I will also need Follistim. I don't know if I'll need Ovidrel, but it looks affordable.

And if anyone knows of anyone who has leftover but non-expired meds, please send them my way. Thanks!!!!

Just think - if this IVF happens in January 2011 and we get a kid out of it, I'll be a mom by this time next year!!!!


Mindy said...

Have you heard of DesignRx? It looks like you can get 15-30% off Follistim and other drugs if you use one of their contracted pharmacies...Shrafts and IVP care are on there and I've used them before and it's great! I've never used DesignRx, but it looks like membership is free to those who are paying cash for their fertility medications.

Lindsay said...

Very exciting! Your cycle is almost here!!

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