Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to November

Happy November everybody!

Updates and other matters for a quick post:

*Thanks to my new followers and to those of you who comment and email is till not all roses for me and I know you're all dealing with your IF journeys along with regular life, and I'm so sorry that I haven't been commenting regularly, I guess I have been just protecting myself from becoming an emotional mess. But I'm so happy for those who are on their way to beating IF and for those of you going through IVF in the next 90 days or more, let's keep our fingers crossed for an incredible 2011!

*I was wrong about last week's OPK. Last night's was the most positive I've seen in a long time. So, AF will show up on 11/14 and that's when I start BCPs!!! Woot!  I wanna baby! Also, when I discuss plans with DH regarding next year, etc, I always include, "...when the babies come...", as if I expect us to have multiples. I should stop doing that because I'm afraid I might be (and this sounds insane) disappointed if/when we are preganant from IVF and we find out we're "only" having one baby. What is wrong with me?

*If you are pregnant and don't want to read any bad news (not about me), see ya later! Otherwise, scroll down (I'm trying to be sensitive to anyone who wants some kind of spoiler alert, just like I appreciate):

Lily Allen (the British singer) has lost her baby at 6 months. You can read more here:

I remember reading about her first miscarriage around the time I had my first loss and I felt a small, and what you might think is strange, kinship with her. When she announced her pregnancy a few months ago I didn't find myself jealous like I usually do (I'm jealous of Mariah Carey people. Again, what is wrong with me?). But when I saw the news this morning about Lily Allen losing her baby in her sixth month of pregnancy, I teared up and I feel so absolutely terrible for her. "Regular" people go through this all the time, unfortunately, but for a celebrity, I can only imagine how difficult it is to deal with this tragedy without much privacy. I don't know what I'd do if everyone I worked with knew we've had four miscarriages and are starting IVF in a couple of weeks.

So, I just ask that you keep her in your thoughts as we all deal with our pain of IF and loss. It's not that I'm a fan of her music, I just connect with people who deal with similar things in their lives and now she's lost her precious baby, being so far along. I can only imagine what she's going through....


Anonymous said...

I am so sad for Lily Allen. What a horrific thing to go through.

Lindsay said...

So sad. How tragic.

As a side note, I must admit I was a little disappointed when I found out it was only 1.

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I am a new follower and also doing IVF#2 in Jan 10! Nice to "meet" you!

Melissa G said...

Ugh, my heart totally sank when I read about Lily Allen yesterday, so tragic. And I know what you mean about feeling kinship. I've not had the same experiences you and she have, but you both have my utter sympathy and support. And I agree, it must be even more difficult to deal with all of this publicly...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. =)

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