Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11 1/2 Weeks.....Just Bobbing Along

No, I didn't go to the doctor this week...yet. My "12 Week" appointment is this Friday afternoon, but they're basing that schedule off of my ultrasounds which have put me 2-3 days ahead repeatedly. I'm still "turning over" the weeks on Sundays. It's just easier till I have some more reassurance that all is going to be fine, i.e. 2nd Trimester.

The appointment this Friday will include a doppler check and a pelvic exam/pap smear. *Chuckle*.....nope. I'll be refusing the pelvic exam. The dildo-cam is all that's allowed 'round those parts for now. I just had my pap smear in November 2010 so I won't need that till either later in the pregnancy (not getting cocky, just planning ahead as needed) or after giving birth (is that actually going to happen?). The pelvic is really just to do the pap so as it is unnecessary - this has been confirmed by an OB nurse too so I'm not just being rebellious - I would feel more comfortable having the doppler check.

Since I have a tipped uterus, they likely won't find the heartbeat with the doppler yet, so I was promised that if that doesn't happen I will get a quick ultrasound. Neener neener HMO.

I still feel sick but it's more tolerable these days. I continue to want to feel sick as a reassurance that all is okay, at least until I can find the heartbeat with my doppler at home (I may have tried, it didn't work, don't judge me). Food in general is extremely difficult to eat as most food grosses me out. I'm now on an old person's diet of jello, yogurt and fruit. Nom nom nom. I'm sure I'll find all of that gross before the end of the week. Just for the record. My belly, while only in the 11th week, is getting a bit pokey. In that I mean the part under my belly button is starting to be protruding a bit more. I'd push on it to see what I felt but it's totally bruised and tender from the Heparin injections. I also feel what I'd call "growth" in my pelvic area. It's difficult to describe but it's not cramps, just different.

Home life is good. Our bathroom remodel is done and I'm enjoying it immensely, especially the shower. Bella was front-declawed and spayed a week and a half ago and seems to have healed completely. Her suture removal is this Saturday and I'm not looking forward to it. As cute as pink stitches are, why couldn't they have been dissolvable?

Dr. S said I should taper off of the PIO so I re-explained the plan to DH last night to finish out this week with daily shots and then go every other day for a week and then we're done. He got so pissy and said we weren't doing PIO for 13 weeks. I explained that we'd already discussed this and he was fine with it last week or so, and that it's not up to him. He's being quite an ass these days - mostly because of basketball on TV, and all of his fun plans to golf and watch baseball this summer. Things are tense most of the time as I don't feel well and he feels inconvenienced by me. I just don't get it. We would have given anything to be in this situation (pregnant) and I feel like he's taking it for granted. Sorry I don't plan on having sex during pregnancy, dear. Sorry I don't plan on golfing anytime soon, dear. Sorry I don't feel like traveling 7 hours to visit your brothers in Indiana and then turn around 36 hours later to sit in the car for another 7 hours, dear. Didn't mean to ruin your life.

Welcome to my marriage. Ugh. Some days are better than others though. I just have nobody IRL to vent to. Probably shouldn't anyways, marriage is supposed to be private I I blog this for the world.

I just want to get past this next weekend. Past the days that were the pinnacle of suffering in my life. For some reason, I believe that if I can make it past that infamous (to me) date, everything will be okay.


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

It's good to hear from you! I am so happy that you have your 12 week appointment on Friday! That is so exciting! Sorry you are still having such trouble with food. Hang in there.

You can always bitch about your hubby here! We all get it - Sometimes they don't! I would bitch about mine but I know he reads my blog so I can't!

I also have a tilted uterus and know that the Doppler is no use to me but I tried at 10 weeks and couldn’t find the HB and will keep trying until it works. Let me now when you are able to find the HB with it!

Bridget said...

I have been thinking about getting a doppler- what kind did you get and where did you find it? I finally feel like I can eat again and it's awesome- I'm so sorry you still feel sick

Anonymous said...

Your husband sounds like mine! I think that with men they start feeling like they need to spend the pregnancy taking advantage of these last days of freedom. Women, on the other hand, are already making the baby/pregnancy their top priority--because they don't really get much choice in the matter. And then the father can feel that he's already being replaced and get stressed about that...

That's speculation anyway, but the bottom-line is that the guys have their own brand of anxiety at this point, and sometimes, even though we might feel that *we* would like a bit of sympathy, kthnx, we have to be the one to extend some moral support to them. Sigh.

That said, after going through infertility together, we've at least had practise working through these kinds of issues!

MyTwoLines said...

Oh I'm sorry about the marriage/DH stuff. I hope he snaps to for your sake soon!!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

You go girl!

I have two dates burned into my mind stay married longer than my husband was to his ex-wife....and to stay pregnant longer than 24 weeks.

Experience makes us funny like that!

Carli said...

I know I am late in reading and responding to this post, but I am sure you will forgive me. :o)

So glad to know that everything is proceeding normally with the pregnancy.

As far as the Hubs - I just wanted to say that MEN DO NOT GET IT. They don't get morning sickness, they don't get that we get emotional, they don't get the need for them to be involved in registering for the baby presents, they don't get ANY of it. I am now 25 weeks (well, one day shy) and had an emotional day yesterday. He snapped and said something that I took the wrong way and he made me cry. BAWL. And instead of being the nice guy I needed him to be, he got so frustrated that I was crying. And then he said that the "emotions of pregnancy" are a cop out. Seriously? I could have shot him. So don't feel too bad about his behavior. None of them get it. That is why you have us! Feel free to vent anytime.

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