Thursday, March 10, 2011

9w4d - First "Routine" OB Appointment (with a nurse)

Still here, still pregnant. Still laying low and quietly keeping my fingers crossed.

I had my 9 week History & Bloodwork appointment this afternoon. The nurse called me back into a little room that literally said "Patient History" outside the door. She asked me about my medical history, pregnancies, losses, medications, etc. Pretty boring for most but I was thrilled to have actually made it to my first normal appointment this pregnancy. Of course I plan to call next Monday and tell them I'm "spotting and cramping" again so I can have my 10 week ultrasound......stupid HMO.

If it weren't for the peaking morning sickness this week I'd probably have demanded an ultrasound today. Seriously.

This pregnancy has officially beat my other pregnancies. Is it the heparin/prednisone combination? Was it the Darwin-esque manner in which I was impregnated? Who knows, right? I sure don't. But I do think the meds are helping; whether it's medically or mentally, I feel more confident because of the meds. I think that the confidence relaxes me too, which I know is good.

I realized today that food has been a major obstacle for me since about week 5 of this pregnancy because of the severe nausea and it reminds me of when DH and I were losing weight for our wedding and everything about my life was about food. Strange now that I'm desperate to eat something and gain some weight (I can't seem to gain an ounce, just losing a little at a time).

I put in my last refill for PIO yesterday (along with my 3rd Heparin refill) and I'm pretty pumped to be done with those within a month's time. DH wants to quit the first day of the 12th week, but I'd rather finish out the bottle, putting me closer to 13 weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what they would do? I'm a habitual aborter who is terrified of stopping PIO shots but knows that it needs to and can happen in the 12th week.

In pet news, Bella (now 7 months old) is getting spayed and front-declawed tomorrow. I take her to a vet in the "city" that uses a laser for the surgery. It cauterizes the nerves; extremely humane compared to how normal declawing is done. They do a wonderful job with animal surgeries and our "boys" recovered seamlessly after their surgeries.

Speaking of the boys, they are marking so much now that we've decided to retrain them. They'll be kept in our big laundry room for about 5 days with all their normal amenities of food, litter and a couple of cat trees with beds and we'll clean the house up one more time to hopefully get rid of the pee scents they've left behind. Grrr. Next step, unfortunately, is medication. We've tried everything else.

And finally, in wedding news:

Bridezilla's wedding shower has been planned, booked and budgeted. Each of us five bridesmaids will contribute $160 to the cause to cover the shower at the mexican restaurant and the party bus with the amenities. Plus t-shirts. All fine by me. I will not be attending anything after the shower, i.e. the "undercover party" which I understand is dildos, and then the 40 minute party bus trip to Wisconsin where the girls will bar-hop.

I WILL be paying my portion 100% because its more important to me to contribute and not cause drama than to argue that I don't have to pay towards the bachelorette because I'm not going. Fair enough.

Guess what? One of the other bridesmaids announced she is pregnant and won't go to the bachelorette because she can't drink and it won't be fun. Thus, she's refusing to pay her portion. Drama, drama, drama. She is the groom's sister so we don't know what to do with her. I have decided to call her early next week and share that I too am not going, I'm pregnant but I'm paying so that my relationship with the bride is not tainted for the rest of my life as she is family. I will suggest that this bridesmaid (a notorious flake) antes up. I'm sure she won't but at least I will have tried. Once I have the ultrasound next Tuesday and if all is well I'll tell the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids so they're aware but I'll remind them that financially, I'm all in.

Stupid wedding. I can't wait for you to see how ugly this dress is. I tried it on last weekend and was horrified at how massive I look. No the front is cute with my suddenly bloated belly. But the back? Tank.Ass.

I'll keep ya'll posted. Pun intended.


Kelly said...

Maybe if you did PIO every other day the 12th week? That might make you less stressed about it and it would sort of be like "weaning" off of them. My doctor told me I could stop them at 7 weeks and I freaked out! That just seemed sooooo early. They finally told me I could take Endometrin (which is a vaginal suppository and I'm pretty sure I'd rather be shooting myself in the ass!) until 9 weeks "just to make me feel better". It totally has....but its disgusting....

I sure hope you feel better soon!

Oh and I can't wait to see the dress ;)

Bridget said...

Well shit- U of I told me I can stop PIO after today b/c I am at 8 weeks. Now I'm thinking I should keep going until week 12. I'm so happy to hear from you!

Tia said...

U of I also had me stop progesterone at 7 weeks with my third pregnancy. They told me that since there was a strong heartbeat, there was no reason to continue it. I was terrified after my previous losses, but everything went ok and my problems that I had later on weren't in any way related to stopping the progesterone. Good luck with everything!

Jen said...

Congrats on making it past all of the breath holding milestones!! I wish I had advice on the PIO, all I can say is to follow your intuition:)

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I am so happy for you! Sounds like everything is right on track! I hope your boys stop marking your house! That is never fun!

I am also in a wedding but they just pushed the date another six months so it will be next Spring. Such drama!

Still A Guest Room said...

So glad things are still going well!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Yeah for almost being done with shots! I had the same drama when I was in a wedding once but I had told the girls BEFORE they started planning that I would not be able to make it on the date they picked. For the get-go, I told them I'd pay for the bride's portion but don't include me in the hotel, limo, etc...(I was only going to be there like an hour and I was driving myself 45 minutes there straight after work and 45 minutes home to work the next day). It was so much drama but whatever-its done and in the past-thank goodness! At least you get some good Mexican!

Sarah said...

Just stopped in to see how you were doing! Must have missed a few posts! SO glad to hear things are going great :)

Anonymous said...

We weaned the PIO - daily til 11.5 weeks, then every other day for a week, then every third day and used up our bottle. It worked well, I think.

I'm still on daily heparin, 5000 units once a day. I did 5000 units twice a day for the first 16 weeks, then slowly switched to once a day. From 32 to 36 weeks, I'll wean off (5x/week, 4x/week, etc). Ideally I'll be off the heparin when I deliver.

I did 10 of prednisone daily until 22 weeks and then slowly weaned off that as well.

I'm on baby aspirin daily for life, basically and I'll have to do heparin with any future pregnancies, but I don't know about the prednisone.

Sorry, this started just in response to the PIO and I just babbled about all my drugs!

Jessica said...

We only had to do PIO until 10 weeks and were told to quit cold turkey. I was deathly afraid but had no troubles. I was going to go ahead and finish my bottle because of cost but then I ran outta needles and didn't want to order more lol. So, I stopped at the 10 weeks.

I agree with the poster who suggested doing your shots every other day and weaning yourself. Maybe that will help you feel better about it? GL hon!

LisaB said...

I'm so glad things are going well! I've been thinking of you!!

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