Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 weeks 4 days

Still pregnant! I need to stop peeing on the dollar tree tests, but I really enjoy watching the progression of the darkening lines!

Sore boobs, especially the nipples.
Lower back pain kicked in today.
Queasiness started last Friday.
I enjoy ice cream and dill pickle potato chips (isn't it too early for cravings?)
Did I say tired a lot? 'Cause I am.
Constant runny nose.

I think I've been an obviously happier person though, overall. DH says things like, we're having a baby, I'm going to be a dad. I can't believe it...things like that. The timing of this is really good too. We're better prepared than we were last year. We have two good jobs, a house and a stable financial situation. Our marriage is solid as a rock, and our extended families are doing well.

I do still check the tp every single time I wipe, just in case. I think anybody would do that though, especially someone who's had a miscarriage.

Next Tuesday is the first u/s and appointment with my ob. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see our baby. It's unreal yet; every day I get a little more used to being pregnant. Yet, the puking hasn't begun yet so I may start to get a little annoyed with that symptom. Anytime I'm bothered, I'll remind myself of how badly we wanted this and that any m/s is a sign of a strong pregnancy.

Hopefully DH helps me clean the toilets more often though. Random note: I have sworn off pop (anything but diet 7-up/diet sprite/diet sierra mist) since my BFP. I'm scared the sweeteners and lack of health benefits will be bad for me or the baby. The only time I drink the diet sierra mist is when I can't stand water anymore or if we're eating out and it's all they have other than water.

DH has been wonderful though, and I'm a little surprised. He has been drinking a lot the past two saturdays but that's because 1) he's been celebrating and 2) his brothers came into town unexpectedly and drinking is what they do. I'm sure he'll back off of it this weekend until St. Patty's weekend. After that he'll have no real reason to have anything to drink till we visit his brothers again in late April. I guess I'm mostly tired of being the designated driver.

Only 2 days left and we'll be at 6 weeks! I need to find more synonyms for excited!


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