Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Weeks

Wow, it's just unbelievable that we're at seven weeks. I still have it in the back of my mind that the baby is measuring 6w4d but I don't care. The doctor told me to stay with the calendar I started with so whatever. Seven weeks!

The nausea has come and gone. I can't get too hungry; though my appetite has been huge, holy cow. I feel like a cow. Lol. My cold seems to have gone away (knock on wood) but my sinuses feel slightly swollen, you know what I mean? Not much of a runny nose but I feel kinda stuffy.

My back has had some aching, it comes and goes, and the cramping is very minor and is sporadic. Maybe the puking won't happen to me, I'd like it to just so I know how strong the hormones are, but if I can get by without it and have a strong, healthy baby, that's fine by me!

I just keep praying all goes well and I'm looking forward to some pleasant weather so I can go walking. I'll start next week at the gym (I have a membership I bought two months ago that I haven't used yet, the timing hasn't been there) twice a week. That should help. And I can walk at home, around the block and such. Spring starts next Friday! I can't believe it'll be late fall by the time we have this baby! I still call it our little sea monkey (that's what it looked like in the ultrasound pictures) but I figure by the end of next week I'll be calling it our little gummy bear. ;)


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