Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Still pregnant, for all you followers out there. I see nobody is following this blog so that was sarcasm...

I haven't thrown up yet and that's concerning me. Why? B/c I suffered from horrific PMS since Iwent through puberty and I always figured that any pregnancy hormones would hit me hard. Well, I just get nauseous if I'm hungry and usually from 10am - 3pm. So...I don't get it. I'll probably call the doctor's office on Friday (my day off) and tell them I'm nervous about it. Maybe I'll get another u/s if I really push.

Other than that, I went golfing with DH yesterday b/c it was 65 degrees. I carried my bag since there were no golf carts allowed and I hate pull carts. We only went five holes since it started getting chilly, I was starving and I'm out of shape. I thought I was going to puke. Maybe we'll go Sunday. Who knows? Dh has been great though. He's cleaning a lot and being attentive. He gets excited a lot about the baby but we're still on edge till the second trimester.

Oh, I ordered a doppler ($100 bucks!) from so I can sooth my psychotic internal ramblings since I'm terrified of having a missed miscarriage. My symptoms are so minor (sore bbs and mild nausea) that I'm scared that something is going or has gone wrong. Hopefully the doppler or doctor's office can make me feel better.


Hillary said...

Congrats on your surprise pregnancy!! Every IFer's dream come to true. :) I am so happy for you!

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