Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm at home; took the day off today to enjoy the ultrasound. I'll post more later, but it went fine. Baby is actually measuring at six weeks one day but the doc told me to consider myself six weeks four days. We'll see down the road if we need to change the due date, but the most it'd be off by is three days and she said its no biggie.

I started crying when I saw the baby and its heartbeat. We even got to listen to it, which his nuts! Dh says it was 128 bpm but I thought she said 113 bpm. Either way, our little one is measuring great and the doc is happy with what she saw.

Next appointment is a basic prenatal appt with a nurse on 3/31 and then with the doc for my first pelvic, heart monitoring, etc on 4/13!



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