Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Blogging from the doctors office. Annoyance level: HIGH. Dude almost hit me with his SUV on the way in...many preggos in the waiting room. Appointment was at 2 pm. It been 20 minutes of waiting so far. This sucks. At least two thing happened that don't necessarily suck: I figured out how to blog from my phone, and (tmi) I remembered to remove my tampon. Go me. Still waiting.

UPDATE: cycle is a go. Several follicles present, all under 10 mm. There was free fluid in the cup-de-sac again. No idea about that still. Start femara/letrozole this Friday. I'll be ordering the Repronex tomorrow and I start that next Tuesday. It sounds as if ill have the first u/s next Friday with the follow-up u/s on Monday August 2nd. If all is going to plan we'll trigger then and do the iui on August 3rd. So there's the plan.

Preggos still suck when u are an IF-er waiting for more offense to anyone. This isn't an RE's office. Just an obgyn type place.

What has been getting me through this lately? Veronica mars on netflix.:)

Please send some prayers, good vibes our way on Thursday at 1 pm central time. Dh is taking his test at that time. Failure means he's fired and we stop IF treatments till who knows when...thanks...


Lindsay said...

Removing the tampon is key (as I learned the hard way!!)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I am so sorry! I hope the appointment went well. Let us know.

wifey said...

I hate, hate, hate seeing preggos at the doctor's office. Ugh. Hoping the appointment went well!

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