Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let The Shots Begin

I just got my marching orders from Dr. B's nurse (Nurse Mean-Old-Lady): 1.5 vials of Repronex per day till this Friday's ultrasound. Dumb. I wanted 2 vials per day. Last time it was only 1 vial and we barely got 2 follicles. Stupid doctors.

Also - there was a St. Louis IVF clinic featured in an MSNBC article a couple of weeks ago talking about how their prices are lower for the same treatment as other clinics. Included: IVF (retrieval, transfer), ICSI, Assisted Hatching, ALL Monitoring (labs might be covered by insurance), embryo freezing and 1 yr of storage. Not Included: medications, cost of driving down for a weekend, then a week, hotel stay, food...they typical stuff. Total Cost of IVF less meds and other incidentals: $8,000. Yeah. Figure $2k in meds, it's a $10k cycle.  They'll also let us do monitoring here locally except the final week meaning retrieval and transfer.

The micro-IVF in Madison does not cover ICSI, AH, embryo freezing and storage or monitoring...or meds....$5445, so then include monitoring and meds and the cost is still $8,000 - $9,000. The odds of having frozen embryos in micro-IVF are much lower than in a traditional IVF cycle.

I talked to DH about it this morning and he's on board. Hmmm. Well if these 2-3 injectable iui's tank, we'll know where we're going. I did some more research and micro-IVF has lower success rates for MFI and RPL patients.....super.

God (who I'm still questioning) I hope this works...



Emily said...

Thanks for the heads up on the St. Louis clinic! I had no idea that somebody in the area offered it for that price.

And I hope that the Repronex works better for you this time. Fingers crossed!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a great clinic!! But I hope you don't need it. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

That's a great price! Hopefully you won't even have to worry about that, though. Wishing you the best for this cycle.

Dianne said...

Hmm I wonder why they offer a lower price? I agree with Lindsey I hope you dont need it!!!!! Also make sure your nurses know you are paying for everything on you own. You might get lucky and get some free meds!!!


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