Thursday, July 22, 2010

He Passed!!!

I just got the call from DH - he got a 76 percent on the test! Passing was 72% so he just made it but we don't care! He passed! Thanks everyone for the good wishes - now that we still have our IF coverage (medication coverage is insanely good), we'll be pushing forward with renewed confidence!

I ordered the Repronex this morning through Shrafts. 10 vials purchased with one vial of Novarel. Total cost? $45 for the Repronex, $40 for the Novarel. Total value of the overnight package full of fertility meds? Over $1,000. That's some pretty good coverage. We'll see how much the Letrozole/Femara costs, DH is picking it up at the pharmacy in about an hour.

Game on tomorrow with the Letrozole/Femara (which one should I call it?).


Maria said...

Hi Christa!

Congrats to your husband and best of luck this cycle!

Sorry it has taken a while to respond. It has been a very tough week. We lost all of our embryos yesterday, and the transfer was cancelled. I don't know how to cope right now.

I do go to UIHC and I absolutely hate it. There are two dr.'s that I trust, but I rarely get to speak to them (Dr.V and Dr.W). The program is very dogmatic and the nurses rarely know anything about your history when they talk to you. I often get ridiculed for "spending too much time on the internet" when I have very legitimate questions/concerns/ideas for treatment. I would really like to go somewhere else, but we only live about 5 minutes away so it is very convenient. We ran out of insurance coverage, so now we are on our own. I feel like I'm living in a recurring nightmare. Thank you for offering support. I really need it!

Great to meet you and I look forward to following your journey!

Lindsay said...

So exciting! YAY!

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