Friday, February 4, 2011

4w4d/15dp3dt - What A Beta Day

Whew! Yesterday was nutz! Work was crazy, I barely got to eat anything till dinner, and I was up before 5am.

Today is a different story. I finally know that I am pregnant, the number seems to rule out ectopic or a CP (so far), and I'm just so ready to move forward and make it past all my other pregnancy "dates".

If you are not an RPL victim like I am - and I say victim because I didn't do anything wrong - then you always keep track of when the pregnancies ended. Here are my dates/milestones for me to get past for this pregnancy:

4w5d - Pregnancy #1 which was a chemical, ended at midnight at four weeks five days.
5w4d - Pregnancy #3 which was ectopic, ended on this day due to rupture and I had emergency surgery.
7w0d - Pregnancy #4 which was a blighted ovum, ended with a D&C. Might've been 6w5d but what's the difference?
9w0d - Pregnancy #2 which was a sudden loss after seeing the heartbeat consisistently for 3 weeks. Awful.

Once I get to Sunday, I will have reached Milestone #1. It will likely be the easiest of the four. Making it past Milestone #4 doesn't guarantee us anything, but I will surely breathe quite the sigh of relief.


Question: does anyone know what the hell happened to's beta graph capabilities? I tried yesterday to make one on their site and it would not work at all!  I just wanted to see the progression and whether yesterday's beta of 471 mlU/ml was near the twins range. Here's one I made myself based on last year's pregnancy's chart that I saved. Because I'm nuts:

I figure there's still a shot of having twins. At least I'm not below the "average" line. I feel good so far.

But only so far. :)


Last but not least, I'm finally doing my first ICLW this month! I hope it goes well. I feel like such a an IF virgin when it comes to this stuff! 2010 was my first Creme, now I'm doing ICLW. What's next?


I have just gotten back into Grey's Anatomy recently after quitting the show during the whole ferry disaster in season 3 or whatever. I want to rant a little here as an IF-er (SPOILER ALERT, LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE):
Calliope is pregnant, maybe 5-6 weeks along. She bugs an MFM/OB/GYN for an ultrasound, everything's fine but she's told it's too early to hear a heartbeat. Drama drama drama.....later this doctor tells her that you can't even hear/see a heartbeat till "at least 8 weeks".
WTF?!?!?! Lies. All lies I tell you. First the "hostile uterus" crap by Meredith and now incorrect info as to heartbeats and ultrasounds? There was a scene where Mark (baby daddy) went to McDreamy and dropped the pregnancy bomb and asked for advice. I loved this: Shepherd said that he and Meredith have been trying for months with no luck and Mark looks at a chick and she's knocked up. You should have seen Shepherd's face when he got the news. Nice to see a man's reaction for once to a preggo announcement.

Still though. 8 weeks!?


Bridget said...

I had to skip the Grey's part b/c I have it on DVR. My prayers are with you to make it past all these milestones and have a happy healthy little baby!!

Still A Guest Room said...

I hope you make it well past all of your milestones and all the way to a baby in your arms!

Flmgodog said...

I thought that same thing and actually turned to DH and said out loud how irritating that kind of crap is. The part where Callie is in the ultrasound room and starts crying and saying she is just waiting for something bad to happen and she can feel it...I totally lost it, and almost asked my husband to turn the show off.

Congrats on this pregnancy!!!!! I hope you reach all your milestones and more!

Sarah said...

Good luck on getting past your milestones! I totally understand how you feel since I had 5 of my own to get past...

I totally agree about how irritating the Grey's pregnancy/infertility storylines are. I hate when shows overly simplify and/or give outright misinformation. Although I wonder how accurate any of their medical stuff is?

Jen said...

Congrats sweetie! I will be hoping and praying for you to sail past all of the milestones with flying colors! I am so very happy for you!

MyTwoLines said...

I hope those milestones fly right by and you can get to a point of comfort and excitement and not as much worry--you deserve that so much!

Lindsay said...

Thinking of you and your little one!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Funny, I had the same thought when I saw Grey's Anatomy.

Isn't it funny how we watch those milestones and guage everything off them?! Celebrate with each one that you pass....because you're going to pass them all!

With flying colors.

Jen said...

Good luck with your milestones!

On the subject of Grey's, the Callie thing was silly. But I still have hope for the Derek/Meredith story line. I'm a faithful viewer of Grey's from the very beginning, so maybe I'm biased. I hope they have the guts to push it further. I did appreciate that Derek didn't even bother to give Mark any advice, but just to react with how he felt about his own situation. Especially since I just received a baby announcement email from a former coworker who got married the same summer I did, and I pretty much deleted it after a quick skim to know all were ok.

Sushigirl said...

Hope you make it past all your milestones. I can't decide if these waits is better or worse than the 2ww.

Emily said...

Beta #2?? I'm anxious to hear what it is!

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