Tuesday, February 1, 2011

12dp3dt/15dpo - Lets Talk About My Gay Cats

HPT madness at the bottom if you're interested. Right now, I'd like to have a discussion about feline homosexuality.

I have three cats. Two are male. One is female (but still a kitten). Our two male cats are super-gay. If they would let me put collars on them, they would each have rainbow collars with tons of bells. I support my gay cats but I discourage them when their intimacy makes me uncomfortable. For example: Milo (gray cat) began a little foreplay with Jack (black and white cat) the other day which turned into a full on porno in about 5 minutes. It was pretty disturbing. Jack makes some interesting noises.

So I got out my phone camera and videotaped it. 'Cause I'm gross I guess. But I kept laughing.

Jack is like my best girlfriend. He loves my hair and wants to play with it all the time. He's hugely dramatic and picky and a bit dainty. He's a huge queen. I think he sometimes questions his sexuality because he will occasionally cuddle with little Bella. But Milo always brings him back and I find them making out somewhere.

Here are some pictures of my gay, gay cats.

I kept the pictures clean. But I've got a stash of gay cat porn if you're interested. I wonder if Bella will turn lez? At least I know she won't be getting bugged by the boys. Did I mention the lovely couple is neutered? I think the vet missed a nut or two.


Thanks for all the support yesterday. I felt like I was crazy after that phone call but now I know that it's all bullshit. I'll definitely be bringing that to Dr. Simckes' attention next time I talk to him.

Below is a picture of last night's FRER addition. I'm only using them at night now. It's still a bit of crack to me I suppose. I also use ICs and $tree tests. The $tree tests are fun because they keep getting darker and darker. I think I've maxed out the FRERs and Answer tests. The dye is starting to make the test line darker now.

Symptoms: heartburn, cramping, motion sickness (if I'm hungry and in a car, I will feel sick), sore boobs, constant hunger, tired all.the.time. I just did a boob check. Yep. Still sore. I know its probably the PIO causing it but still, it is a welcome but painful symptom.

I'm impatiently counting the hours till Beta #1 - do you have any guesses as to what my 14dp3dt/17dpo beta will be with 2 transferred embryos and a super-early BFP with a digital at 6dp3dt? I have no clue. I'm shooting for 500+. The median beta at 17dpo on http://www.betabase.com/ is 580 for twins. Singleton beta for 17dpo is 285 but I'd be surprised if it was below 500. Honestly. The FRERs have been dark since 9dp3dt.

We'll see I suppose.  In the meantime, I'll keep on keepin' on. And trying to survive the blizzard heading our way!


Kim said...

I saw your post yesterday and was so mad that nurse would burst your bubble, I have nevr heard of such a thing. Glad your feeling better about it all. I am going to guess your beta: 745!!!!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

Don't worry...my dogs are gay! No joke...the one will actually stand over the other one I think he is hoping for a lick or nudge or something. I have to tell them to stop being gross all the time.

Still A Guest Room said...

So glad you're continuing to get good results and can't wait to hear your beta!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious about your cats! Crossing my fingers for a great beta. I'm going to guess 850! :)

Bridget said...

Love the kitty pictures!! Funny what we occupy ourselves with in the 2WW. :)

Anonymous said...

My 17DPO beta with an over-achieving singleton from an FET was 812. I felt implantation cramps a day later than you did, but I didn't take any HPTs so I don't know when I'd have started getting positives.

Sarah said...

This post is hysterical.Super gay cats!? So funny! hahahahha One more day closer to BETA! We are getting slammed with snow too. Praying for a snow day tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Hehhe he! They are hilarious gay cats. I am glad that you are having some fun over this 2WW. I am sure that your beta will be way over 500. All the symptoms you mentioned are the same as what my pregnant friend was reporting to me. Yeah, it sounds like you are irrevocably? pregnant.
Looking forward to the BETA.

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