Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Back at work today - it's been awhile so I'm kinda busy but not insanely.

Tested this morning with Dollar Tree...quite faint. So I pulled out an "Answer" because I'm a nutcase. It was positive yet. Either the trigger's not out, or something's cookin' in there.

I now have to go buy some more b/c my stash is down to 2 Dollar Tree tests and 3 digitals. At least it wasn't negative yet. I reviewed my other testing experiences, both BFPs and BFNs and there is a remote possibility that the trigger is in my system till 12dpt. I doubt that though. I believe that happened when I used blue-line tests. It's FRER/Answer's only for me, with Dollar Tree tests sprinkled in for fun. :)

I'll keep ya'll posted. Symptoms for now? Mood swings. Sore bbs. But the progesterone has to be influencing some or all of this.


Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers that it was a true positive and not the trigger. I have a good feeling about this! :)

Lindsay said...

Fingers crossed for you!

Dianne said...

OHHHHHH! Good Luck!!!!

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