Thursday, August 12, 2010

12dpt/11dpiui - Still Faint

I'll attach a picture of this morning's test but it's not much different than yesterday's and if you don't see the second line, neither does DH but I can. Trust me. Maybe it's a late trigger remnant, maybe it's chemical, and maybe it's just too dang early to be testing.

I'm impatient. :)

Question: if you've had 4 miscarriages and after golfing at 7+ weeks pregnant and then bleeding the next day and subsequently losing that baby, would you golf at 12dpiui? Our couples golf league position night is tomorrow and I really want to golf but I'm afraid that it will do something bad to the possible pregnancy even though Dr. B said it wouldn't.

Dude - you can totally see the second but completely faint line, right?

If you can't see it then I won't hold it against you. If it gets darker and/or I get a positive digital, you'll definitely see that. But at least I'm not getting fooled by EPTs or Clearblue Easy sticks. Stupid blue lines...And I really shouldn't be testing this soon. I'll admit it.

My name is Christa and I'm addicted to POAS-ing.


Candidly_Andrea said...

You ARE addicted! Girl you are driving yourself insane! Step away from the pee sticks!

I can't see anything but photos are never easy to tell. I truly hope the line gets darker for you.

Best of luck! Sticky thoughts headed your way!

Lindsay said...

Any update??

Emily said...

I've been waiting patiently, hoping that you would update soon.

My fingers and toes and everything else are crossed for good news.

(and if not, f the world. Damn infertility)

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