Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2dpiui/3dpt - Updates

I start progesterone tomorrow. Raise your hand if you love oily suppositories ruining your underwear and comfort level. My hand isn't in the air if you were wondering.

As we are traveling to Jonesboro, AR this Thursday for my cousin's wedding, DH and I (along with my sister and her fiance) rented an SUV for the trip. I got it yesterday and I am in love with the 2010 Chevy Traverse. I want one. Wah. It was cheaper to rent for a week than for 4 days, so I've been enjoying the luxury SUV for the past 20 hours. Mmmmm. Very nice.

I dropped over $170 at Kohls yesterday on clothes for DH (got him a nice pink and black tie to match my dress...mmwwaaaahahahaha...I finally got him in pink!)...and a couple cute things for myself. I can't go in there and not spend at least $100! Grrr.

I find myself being less and less productive at work. I probably won't get caught but I'm so wrapped up in TTC anymore it seems to be all I think about.

The IUI: we were initially told DH's post-wash count was 30 million, roughly. This is what he's had for the past 5 IUIs. Well, about 20 minutes after the IUI, the nurse had me come and look at the microscope again (it was a Sunday and they were able to let me see the swimmers before the IUI, which is a first). Apparently, after all the washing and spinning, some of them get quite tired or scared and the count seems lower. When they get to sit still and warm up, apparently the count is much higher. With the discovery, we got a new post-wash estimate of 60-80 million. Shut up. That's awesome right? That many swimmers + 3 follicles should = BFP right?

I'm a fan of another IF-er's blog and she and her husband, no lie, did an IUI with like 4 follicles and seriously 400 million or something and it didn't work. So I won't get my hopes up too much but this is the best looking cycle we've had yet.

Wish me luck - I'll need it. Hopefully a little luck from Sunday morning spilled over to the afternoon's IUI. I played in the club tournament (golf) that morning and got 2nd place in the Championship Flight. Basically I am now the 2nd best golfer of the women at our club. The woman who won it has been the champ for at least 15 years, so no shocker there. But the surprise? She only had me by 5 strokes. I screwed up on several holes (missed a 6 inch birdie putt, don't even get me started) so turns out I could have beat her. I've typically placed in the top 10 or 20, but not the top 2, ever. So I'm pretty dang proud of myself for that accomplishment. Question: do you think it'd be dumb to bring in my trophy to work? I want to look at it but I don't want to seem like a dork. How would you respond to a co-worker doing that? I have an office with a door...


Lindsay said...

WAY TO GO! Care to give me some lessons?? I stink!

I have my fingers crossed for you this cycle! Lucky #8 sounds good to me!

Jessica said...

I hope this IUI does the trick!!!

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