Thursday, August 19, 2010

CD5 - Baseline u/s

Had an 11.3 follicle today. The u/s chick and nurse were sure this cycle would be cancelled but Dr. B said it's no big deal and we're going forward as planned. Cool.

I start Femara/Letrozole today for 5 days. On CD9 I start the Repronex again. On CD 11 I start OPKs and on CD13 I'll have an u/s to see how many follicle's I've got. If for some crazy reason I get an LH surge then, we'll do the IUI on Saturday. Otherwise I expect it to be the following Monday on CD 16 and I'm sure I'll have another u/s and by Tuesday we'll do the IUI.

DH's urology appt was yesterday. Testosterone at 598 (excellent number). Doc said we'll continue DH's Clomid for another 3 months but that he wants updates each month. Confirmed plan to do IUI this month and that next month is the last one we'll do before moving on to IVF.

We can afford one cycle in St. Louis at the Fertility Partnership b/ DH got a new job at his Alma Mater. A slight increase in pay but it'll mean we can pay for one fresh IVF cycle in St. Louis and hopefully we can get our meds paid for by insurance. We stopped by the clinic on the way down to Arkansas a couple of weeks ago and its beautiful and clean and I loved it. The second we find out this cycle didn't work (hopefully it does though), we'll call down to St. Louis for a phone consult and schedule the one-on-one so that after the next cycle, we can go down for our consult and get the ball rolling.

That's about it then. Any questions or anything, let me know. If you want to know anything else about me other than my lovely journey (torture) of trying to have a child, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Eclipse post is 2 months late, will come soon.


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