Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11dpt/10dpiui - photo interpretation?

Okay I'm an obsessed infertile. I have nothing else to do people.

I have included 2 pictures of HPTs that I took this morning. I clearly saw a second line on the FRER. I did see a faint pink line on the dollar tree test, but when photographed, it's really difficult to see, so if you don't see it, you are not crazy, but neither am I. I've been looking at HPTs for nearly 3 years now and I know when I see a line, so rest assured, your favorite nutcase has not yet gone over the edge:

Taken with semi-fmu (I peed 4 times last night, this was a 2 hr accumulated batch).

Same batch, not surprisingly difficult to see when not inches from your eyeball under a bright light....

So there you have it. I saw a clearly light but present positive line on the FRER today, 10 days past the IUI, 11 days past the trigger. Last cycle that worked, a mere four months ago, I got positives 12dpt/11dpiui and a positive digital at 13dpt/12dpiui. So...I figure the digital might not register till Friday. But I'm takin' one tomorrow just because I have 3 and once you get a "pregnant" on one, there's no use in taking any more...

I'm still holding my breath on this one. It could still be the trigger, but I doubt it. Fingers crossed folks.


Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers! I can definitely see the faint line in the first one. :)

Lindsay said...

I hope this is it for you!!

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