Monday, January 31, 2011

11dp3dt - Here's One For The IF Books


First I have to gather myself after the conversation I had with the IVF clinic today. Wow.

I called to let them know what's been going on with the HPTs and all that and here's what I was told:

"It might be the PIO causing the positives though. You have been on PIO shots, right? Yeah they can cause false positives and that's why we prefer that patients don't test at home and instead wait for the beta. I mean, if they're positive then you're likely pregnant, but we don't want to risk it."

I asked for the beta to get moved up. That got shot down. What the hell?

I called my local doctor's office and asked to set up a beta for tomorrow and Thursday and I was told they won't do it without orders from the IVF clinic. I said I only had orders for this Thursday's beta and I was asked to fax that over.

Have any of you heard of this theory? Home pregnancy tests do not test for progesterone, only HCG. They are two completely different hormones! I'm not buying that crap but I guess I have no choice but to wait for Thursday's draw.

This sucks and kind of pisses me off. I've NEVER read anything, anywhere, about Progesterone In Oil supplementation causing false BFPs. Also, I was on progesterone suppositories after every IUI and I NEVER had a false positive.

This is unreal.

I won't post any pictures of HPTs today because I don't have my cell phone. Also, the test line is getting darker than the control line so what's the point? Also I've had AF-type cramping since Saturday, my nips hurt a lot and I pee all the time. I have heartburn once in a while and I'm starving all the time.

Could be PIO, fine. But don't tell me that it's causing my HPTs to be falsely positive. Puh-leeeze!


Calmly Chaotic said...

I have never heard anything about progesterone causing a false positive. Very frustrating that they won't push the beta earlier for you!!! Hang in there!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

That is just crazy...I can't believe they won't move up your Beta.

Mindy said...

Definitely not the PIO, and it seems to be too late for the trigger to cause it. Keep the faith girly, right now you are preggers!

LisaB said...

That is ridiculous and untrue! WTF?! Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Um, no. There is no way the shots should be causing false positives. That's bullshit. Hang in there, sweetie.

Amanda said...

No frickin way! Seriously, that's one of the craziest things I've heard, and I don't believe it for one split second.

God & I said...

They are just trying to protect you from a false result. I believe what they meant was that the pio can cause a false symptom of pregnancy. I would assume you are pregnant because of your testing; but they just didnt want you to test till the time in the order to protect you from mental breakdown during the 2 weeks if you wasent pregnant. Im sure you will have good news soon!

Zula said...

Christa, I have never been pregnant, and my knowledge in this area is almost null. But, I feel positive that what you are seeing on those sticks are real. REAL BFP. Can you talk to different nurse or doctor about it? Crossing my fingers for official good news!

Michelle said...

Those are some seriously positive tests! My tests never got that dark, despite two kiddos to show for it. I am sorry they won't move up your beta - I was surprised as my doc ordered a beta for me immediately after I got a positive HPT at 9 DPO (I have a bit of a testing problem). I was just dealing with a regular OB and a clomid cycle, but I had had two chem pregnancies and obviously I was all jittery after getting a + and wanted to see those betas doubling. I have my fingers crossed for you, and I hope that the next few days fly by! FWIW, my chem positives were super light HPTs and faded after a few days, so nothing like what you're seeing.

Anyway, I'm a new blog follower and super happy for you!

Cady said...

I've never heard of progesterone causing a positive HPT. That just sounds ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I think some clinics just don't like going against policy. I remember my first IVF pregnancy, my clinic was adamant that I wouldn't have my first beta until almost two weeks after the transfer. When I got OHSS, they sent me to their hospital's ER and ran a pregnancy test on me there, five days early. I ended up getting two betas before my first was due and both were considered perfectly valid!

Second pregnancy, I didn't get OHSS, but I had some bleeding (later discovered to be a haematoma). Four days before my scheduled beta, my clinic ramped up my progesterone, but told me that it was no good having a pregnancy test done until the beta.

I think you'll just have to put up with it unfortunately. At least your lines are getting darker, and you're feeling the pregnancy so take heart in that. Think of it this way... if you don't have your beta early, you won't have to wait so long between beta and ultrasound.

Laura said...

That is absolutely insane! You are most definitely pregnant. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I have never, ever heard of such a thing. Progesterone does not produce hcg, which is what the test measures. False positives are very, very rare--good luck!

Jessica said...

You are preggo! That PIO is a load of BS. My clinic made me do my beta at 10dp3dt. You are, technically, 14dp ovulation. That's crazy that they're making you go to 17dpo. Give 'em heck girl!

Bridget said...

I've never heard of such a thing. You are going to get a positive beta very soon and I can't wait!!

Sarah said...

You're pregs. F them, man. :) Ive never heard of that it either the POI causing that. Ugh, I'd be so annoyed too :) But hang in there, a few more days until heavennnn! :)

Jem said...

You are pregnant. Having your beta tomorrow or Thursday won't change that. Just take a deep breath. This is yet another thing you can't control in the IF world.

Jay said... what the clinic said----bullcrap!

There is no way that progesterone can look like HCG. Now, LH and HCG- those you can mistake for each other because their structures are highly similar, but progesterone cannot produce a false positive for HCG.

As to whether progesterone and HCG can effect each other, its only that beta HCG can boost progesterone production --- NOT the other way around.

Kooky clinic aside- you are pregnant! Congrats!

fertl8 said...

As Medical Director of Fertility Partnership I would like to say that PIO can not cause a false positive hcg. I would like to know what individual on our staff actually said that to you so that hey may be reeducated.

The LH/HCG trigger can give false positives if testing is done very early. We draw the test on the day we do for number of reasons that I will share with you when you come in.

Having said that ......Congratulations.!!!

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