Thursday, January 8, 2009

D-Day and Still Not O-Day

Only seven hours and 25 minutes until my appointment. I am freakin excited! Can excitement prevent ovulation? I even brought my last test with me to take it before the appointment today. Huge negative one last night. This is unreal. The latest I've gotten a positive result was CD17. Today is CD17. If I don't ovulate, we'll have wasted a whole month. Not like it matters, see without any CM (yeah, none yet and it would be normally drying up by now) or anything, my libido is shot. I basically asked DH to "make a donation" last night b/c I wasn't in the mood but we needed to BD. He got pretty offended and asked why I didn't want to just "hop on" and get it done. I just said forget it and we went to sleep. It's not fair to either of us to force it, right? And if I'm not even close to ovulating, and we'd done it the night before, it should be fine to skip a night.

7 hrs 23 min. Tick tock, right? I googled questions as to why I'd stop ovulating this month...I'm well aware that it is normal for women to have an anovulatory cycle once in a while. But if I didn't have that over the past year, then that's a b.s. theory. Also stress was mentioned. Well I was stressed during AF, but not after. I've been super excited, and that shouldn't transfer to stress, right? If so, that's also b.s.

Not sure what to think but I am speculating that after doing all the tests, the doc might just put me on Clomid. Neat! DH and I watched a show about a couple having sextuplets (Not Jon and Kate + 8, seen it, done with it). He was like, "No way, I could never handle that!". I said there is a slim chance but still a chance that if I go on meds that it could happen. He simply gave me a look. We've had discussions about what would happen with a multiple birth, how we would feel, etc. He prefers one child at a time he says. I have fraternal twin step-sisters and I can see how having twins would have complications, etc. But I want to be a mother, and he wants to be a father, and I'm sure that everything would work out for the best.

So I'm going to try to get through work which has been dang hard all week b/c I've been so pumped for TODAY!!!! Better than Christmas!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

I'll keep you posted. Pun totally intended. ;)


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