Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Hear The JAWS Theme In The Background

I'm getting minor cramps, started about 11:15 am this morning. I know AF is coming. My bbs have stopped being sore, classic sign. And that's fine. I might have started getting excited and hoped one of DH's funny-shapen, slow moving and rare spermies found my egg and we got lucky. But now I'm in a bit of limbo. At least I can call the doctor's office and schedule the dang HSG now. The thing I'm worried about is that when I was trying to schedule the ultrasound, next Thursday and Friday were booked. How will they get me in for the HSG in time? It has to be done over CD 7-10...that'd be next Tues - Fri. Geesh. Also it would be totally awesome if they had me start Clomid too so we could do an IUI this month. That would be sweet! But I'm sure they'll say no...

However, if AF doesn't come by tonight I'm taking a test tomorrow morning. I'm a bit of a masochist I think. But if I got pregnant this next cycle the baby would basically be due 10/28/09 which is kind of close to Halloween. That is okay, I'll take a baby any day. Halloween would be tough on the kid, I'd think. Christmas would be way harder though...

I told DH about the varicocele surgery. He didn't seem to excited and said I'd owe him. For what? I'm being poked, prodded, scanned, etc. I've worried, stressed, cried (countless times) planned on being a mother for almost a year and a half now. He's sat back and said to relax. Hmmm. Not to be horrible but it's technically an issue directly related to HIM! How do I owe him?!?!?! Sorry. He can be so insensitive sometimes and says things that really irritate me. I feel badly for him and I know it's a huge hit to his ego and manhood. But how do I "repay" someone for having their problem fixed? And I thought finances were the biggest problem in marriages.


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