Thursday, November 18, 2010

BCPs Day 2

Everything is fine so far. I haven't noticed any side effects from the birth control pills. AF is kicking my butt though, the cramps have been quite harsh. It has forced me to go to bed earlier though because I am just tired from dealing with AF pain all day.

I've always (since 12 years old) had painful periods, long periods (7 days), heavy, clotty periods (sorry, way TMI). How has a doctor not thought to check for endo before?

Could the ruptured ectopic pregnancy from last November have caused this endo and I actually didn't have it before? They looked for endo when they removed the ectopic and said there was none.

I dunno. Those are the main questions I've been asking myself lately.

Otherwise, did anyone watch the first season of Top Chef Just Desserts? (spoiler alert)

The finale last night was okay I guess. I thought it'd be a little more exciting with maybe a quickfire for an advantage in the final elimination challenge. It sucks because we can't eat what they're making and I LOOOOVE desserts. They were quite fancy last night, no? I'm cool with Yigit winning too, Morgan was a huge jerk and Danielle seemed a bit loopy but talented. Out of the last three, Yigit was the best choice for the judges for sure.

Speaking of TV, anyone out there a massive Glee fan?  I thought Tuesday's episode was excellent (except for the Chicago number). I'm loving Darren Criss (Blaine) but if he and Curt only push everyone away, I'm gonna get annoyed. Gwenyth definitely deserves an Emmy; I kept telling DH that I've never seen her branch out and go for humor with reckless abandon. I just wish Shelby could come back.....Idina Menzel deserves an Emmy for sure for last year and it sucks she didn't even get nominated!

Now that I'm done talking about that....did I forget to mention that I got 2 tickets to the Idina Menzel concert in Minneapolis? I'm so frigging excited! It's tomorrow and we're staying overnight in a swanky Doubletree Hotel nearby. I can't wait! We were going to go on January 23rd but we thought that with all the traveling from Iowa to St. Louis over those three weeks that to go back for a Sunday afternoon concert might be a pain in the butt. And I found 2 tickets (with decent seats) on Ebay and an amazing lady sold them to me (she profited, and good for her) and kept in touch so that I'll let her know how it goes. I'm going to try to meet Idina and get an autograph after the concert too. I've never done this before but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and by George I've needed to live my life and continue cheering myself up lately and how can this NOT be a great chance to have a happy, memorable moment? Yay Idina!!!!

I love Idina! She's amazing!

Anyhow, that's it for today.....and I'm just going to leave you with a shout out to all the ladies who got BFN's this week that it sucks and is not fair and you should all have gotten BFPs and I'm here for you if you want to chat. Otherwise, (((blog hugs!))).


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