Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Married 3 Years - TTC 3 Years.....Today

Ahhh. Our 3rd wedding anniversary. If my bridal self could see my current self, she'd be pretty bummed about the following:

I don't have a kid.
I have gained the weight I worked so hard to lose. Well, all but 15 lbs of it.
I'm most likely depressed and have less than a handful of actual friends because I pushed everyone else away.

However, here are the positives in my life:

Instead of one cat, we have 3!!!
We own our house (well, we pay a mortgage, but we no longer rent!)
We have an SUV.
We have a control on our finances.
We have smartphones.
We have a 46" LED flatscreen with a Wii.
We have a new-ish couch we bough last year - I call it the butt couch because it looks like it has butts all over it.
DH graduated with his MBA this spring.
DH got basically his dream job at his Alma Mater.
No one has stolen our credit.
We both make decent money.
Still married....duh.
And most of all, we survived our wedding and it was amazing!

So in all, the good list is better than the bad list. We have achieved so many great things that we thought would take years to complete. Sure, things are things, but for college sweathearts who were poor and idealistic, we would be pretty pumped at what we've accomplished by 2010.

5:40 pm - November 9th, 2007 in the Hummer Limo after our ceremony...awww

Yay us!


wifey said...

Happy Anniversary! I love that you're focusing on the good things - and you sure have achieved a lot. I need to take a page from that book myself.

Lindsay said...

Great pict! Happy anniversary!

Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary. Here's to hoping on your 4th anniversary, #1 on your "bummed" list is crossed off.

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