Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good Week So Far - Insurance News

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! DH and I had a great anniversary and he even felt bad that he didn't get me a gift (I got him an enscribed desk accessory with his name, position and employer on it) that he sent me flowers yesterday at work....very sweet.

Also, after many years of disagreements over coffee (I love it, he hated it), DH suddenly wants to drink coffee. So we bought a beautiful coffee maker:

On the left, coffee. On the right, hot water so when he wants coffee, I can have decaf tea or hot know....when we're in the IVF cycle and when I'm pregnant! :)

Also, I got the news I was waiting for yesterday regarding my meds for the IVF cycle. Three were called into my local pharmacy by my doctor's office when I faxed over the orders from the IVF clinic - Prednisone, BCPs and Folgard. They will be covered by insurance and should be quite cheap. I'm just going to fill the BCPs and Folgard tomorrow. I'll save the Prednisone for January when I'm supposed to start taking it.

The big worry we had was for the injectables and Doxycycline. When I got the call from Schrafts in NJ, I waited for the other shoe to drop. The lady on the phone told me we have a limit of $5000 per policy period for infertility drugs. Great, so at that point I figured we were going to be having to pay that much or close to it for the year. I begged her to go down the list of what each Rx would cost us out of pocket. Here's what she told me:

Follistim (900 IU vials x2 plus Follistim Pen):     $30 co-pay
Ovidrel:                                                            $30 co-pay
Lupron (14-day kit x2):                                    $10 co-pay
Progesterone in Oil (not sure how many):          $30 co-pay
Doxycycline (#20 pills):                                    $3.26
Heparin (5,000 IU/day for 30 days):                $10 co-pay

Total for the order? $113.26

I nearly started crying. Happy crying. For once. I would never have expected all of this to go through, much less only having to pay such a small co-pay for each one. I consider myself lucky, believe me. Amazing to look at something like this from a different perspective - we're infertile but I'm happy that we have coverage for the meds that could get me pregnant.

I promise that if we can't or won't use leftover meds that they will be donated to someone who has no coverage at all, because that's what I thought we were going to need - free or donated meds. I really hope I can help someone else out because for once, we caught a big break.


Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

That is great news! It's good to hear that your insurance is covering the meds!

Teresa said...

awesome news! There is enough to worry about in this process without adding the ridiculous financial burden.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is amazing!! It's so nice when something goes your way for once. :)

I can't believe how close together our cycles will be -- I start Lupron Dec 22. Here's hoping January is a magical month for both of us.

Keep in touch!

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