Saturday, March 20, 2010


Okay. So I made it as far as today. For me that's pretty darn good. Got up at 9 (was wonderful to sleep in but I had some super-scary dreams. However in one part of the dream I was reading my blog but it was a post a week away. I must have time-traveled or my blog did. In the dream it said I was pregnant with 2 babies. The "future" post was over a week in the future. So when I woke up I knew I had to test. Even though it's early).

I had 2 CBE's come in the mail from Ebay a couple of days ago so I figured I'd test today and then tomorrow morning. If anything got worse, then it was the trigger. If it got better, then it would be legit.

For the first time, I have some pics for you:

(Ignore the date/time stamp. I'm trying to figure out how to change that. Pics taken around 9:30 am. lol....)

Let me explain. The CBE has a faint bfp. Even DH sees it. On camera it's pretty darn hard to see. But we see it so I suppose that's all that matters. The only other time I got any kind of bfp on a CBE on 10dpiui/11dpt was last November when I had the ectopic. And that beta was a 10 on 13dpiui. Anyways, I then took one of my 3 remaining digitals. If it was "Not Pregnant", then any "Pregnant" results in the coming days would not be trigger-related. I will take one tomorrow if the CBE is positive again.

NO DOLLAR TREE TESTS! Grrr. Once I get a good beta, THEN I'll get some DT tests and start watching them get darker. Until then, screw them and their imprint lines. Giving false hope...

I have some FRERs coming in the mail soon...hmmm let me check on that now...hold on.
Okay it was in NJ on Thursday. So I'd think it'd be here by today or Monday. Anyways, I'll probably be an obsessive POAS-er now and when DH and I go into town today to get NEW MOON!!!!! Walmart, I'll hop over to the HPTs and get some secretly. Lol. Just to mix it up. Then I'll probably take a test that has the non plus-sign just to be sure this isn't a joke.

Here's where my now semi-optimistic attitude has come from: I get REALLY PMS-y by about 5-6dpiui. It continuously gets worse till AF shows. I've been in a super fantastic mood since getting back from the RESOLVE conference. This was my first week back at work. I was exhausted all week but I didn't snap at dh like I normally do. I know I'm a terrible wife. But I think that b/c of my happiness over the past week or so, things have been great! Also, DH has said since Tuesday that he is sure it worked b/c I've been in such a good mood. Yeah he tracks my bitch.iness. Lol....

So.....I'll let you all know what transpires.

But as of today, I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

I hope this is it for you!! Fingers crossed!

Lindsay said...

I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!!!!!!! Eeeek

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