Sunday, March 21, 2010

I like this dream...11dpiui/12dpt

Got up around 8:30 am....tried to use the CBE but turns out it's a digital one. My mistake. So I got out the Equate EPT. Took it. Faint line again. I've NEVER SEEN this past 10dpiui/11dpt when it's negative. So then I took the digital. Negative. That's fine, I have never gotten a positive on a digital before 12dpo and 13dpiui. So I'm not panicking.  But my nips are getting sensitive. OMG please let this be happening. Not a chemical, not an EP, but finally a success.

I'll probably be a nutcase and go to the local drug store for more tests this afternoon. My afternoon tests have always been darker. lol....I guess it might be worth dropping $20-$50 on hpts this month huh? lol....  They may be faint but I know it's early. If this continues and I get to a beta (I won't ask for one till I get a positive digital if it's before 14dpiui), then I might breathe a teensy bit.

Goals for pregnancy for fertiles: stock nursery, wear cute clothes, don't get too sick, give birth.
Goals for pregnancy for infertiles: get positive hpts. get positive betas that rise appropriately. make it to first ultrasound. confirm uterine pregnancy. make it to heartbeat ultrasound. make it past the latest you've ever gotten if you've had an early miscarriage. Make it past first trimester. make it to viability at 24 weeks. make it into third trimester. give birth to live baby.

Sad huh? But that's what happens when it doesn't "just happen".

Here are the pictures of this morning's tests:


MysteriousMindy said...

Oh man, I TOTALLY hate to burst your bubble, but be weary of tests that use blue dye...both hubby and I also saw faint lines on the blue dye tests, but turns out it's just the indentation mark. If you go buy more, get some brand-name pink line ones...those seem to be alot more reliable. I did some searching online when we got our false positive and ALOT of people said the same thing...really hope this is a happy ending for you!

Lindsay said...

I really hope this is it for you!!

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