Friday, March 26, 2010

CD2 - Cycle who knows how many - Onto IUI #7

So AF arrived yesterday. Like I told the nurse it would. It was a pretty painful first day. But at least I was asleep by 10pm. That never happens.

Here's the plan so far according to Nurse Old Lady Who Knows Nothing About IF And Has No Memory Of Patient History:

Baseline u/s on CD 5 (next Monday)
Start Clomid after baseline u/s on CD 5
Start Repronex injections on CD10 - CD12
U/s on CD12
U/s on CD14
IUI #7 on CD15 (Thursday 4/8)

As far as Repronex goes, it's basically the same as Menopur. It's LH and FSH (Follistim) in a shot form and boosts the Clomid.

I guess it's a bit of a "training-wheels" cycle to see how I respond. After sleeping on it, I realized it's a bit of a combination of our plans moving forward so it's no big deal.

Maybe next month I'll get to do something other than clomid though.

Also, another blog I've been following posted last night how their first IVF cycle was a failure. That's two IVF failures I've seen in the past month in other blogs. It makes me so nervous b/c we most likely won't qualify for a package deal and will have to go cycle by cycle. If the first one fails I don't know if I can talk DH into another $12k cycle that soon.

PS: we have over 100k in student loans combined plus a house. Yeah. We are not rolling in the dough.

So.....tonight I drink. Tomorrow, I go for some shopping therapy. We'll see. But at least we're doing something totally different.

Finally - I don't think the repronex comes in pen forms like Follistim. I think I'll have to draw the stuff out of the vials and give myself the shots. In the arse. yeah. DH says he refuses to do it. Um....who else will help me b/c I can't reach my arse? Help on suggestions you wonderful ladies who have been commenting on my blog???  Or anyone passing through? Oh, to top it off, we will be out of town the weekend I start with the shots so one night we'll be alone. for the last 2 shots i'm thinking of asking my nurse sister. lol....


Lindsay said...

Oddly enough I was thinking about giving myself shots today. When I do my trigger, I have my mom (who's a dr) give it to me. Its only one shot so I figure its not to much of an inconvenience. If I have to do IVF I can't be going over there every night, so I guess I'll have to suck it up and do it myself?!?

Where you give it to yourself will depend on if the Dr. wants it intramuscular or subcutaneous, so don't get too stressed yet.

MysteriousMindy said...

I can totally attest to the being in-over-your-head in student loan debt...such a pain! What makes you think you wouldn't qualify for the package deal? I'm just curious because I'm thinking about that for the future and all I know thus far is the BMI (weight) restriction. As far as the injections go...I've only had to do Follistim in the stomach, but once you get over having to do it the first time, it's really no big far as the arse, that's probably a different story.

Emily said...

I just found your blog. I'm glad there was someone else drinking over infertility this weekend. Lord knows I had a glass (or bottle) of wine over the last two days.

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