Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CD7 - Closer to the shots

I can't believe I finally get to stick needles in myself in 2 DAYS!

I've wanted to move to this level of IF treatment last year. Geezus.

I don't care if it hurts. I've been through worse. I just want it to be April 20th b/c I will know by then if it worked or not.

20 days. What a long time. I hope I can fill up those days enough to keep busy.

Onto more fun stuff:

It is 75 degrees here in  western Iowa today. I went to the post office at lunch (walked). Lovely outside. Ahh. Missed that.

I'm feeling motivated to start getting up early to run if the weather's going to be like this. Maybe I'll actually lose those 10 pounds that keep hanging around. lol.

I am currently holding my breath for "Eclipse" to be released into theaters. If you didn't see it before, the countdown ticker is in the upper right portion of my blog. You may steal it if you want to. I encourage all to count down with me. I do not, however, encourage the onslaught of tween/teenage girls who go to opening night and scream their heads off the ENTIRE MOVIE, especially when a certain werewolf comes into frame. Good lord. DH hates going b/c of that but he likes the movies. Well, he tolerates them for me. *chuckle*
I hadn't even read Twilight but we went and saw it opening weekend in 2008. We had no idea why girls were screeching and laughing at strange parts. Then I read the book and kind of understood what was going on with these girls.

On the subject of movies - has anyone seen "Baby Mama"? It's a couple of years old but bear with me.
Has anyone seen "Couples Resort"?

Okay - spoiler alert for both - I just want to touch on my feelings about things in these films. I'm done after this so if you don't want to know stuff, see you next time.

So - "Baby Mama". Tina Fey, infertile, tries with a surrogate. (I saw this in the theater after our first miscarriage. I'm a masochist, or at least I was then).
At the end of the film, Ms. Infertile with the T-shaped uterus and improbable odds gets knocked up by accident and didn't even know it after having slept ONE TIME with her boyfriend.

Ladies - we would know, would we not? If you've been trying for so long, even if you took a break for a couple/few months, you'd recognize the signs at some point. We're trained to! That movie pissed me off.

Then - "Couples Resort". Watched it this weekend with DH. This couple who has been trying for TWELVE MONTHS is considering getting a divorce b/c of the IF stress or whatever. Come on. Cliche much? Try for several years then recheck your marriage status.  Anyhow, they talk their other friends to go to this resort for couples to fix their marriages. Fine. Some uncomfortable moments but we made it through. One scene, the infertile couple (finally) has some crazy, unprotected sex. Like IFers ever use protection, lol.

I held my breath, painfully, waiting for the ending where they find out they're pregnant and all they needed was to relax and go on a vacation and have wild sex to get knocked up.

And waited.

And fast forwarded through the credits to the end b/c nowadays they're adding little scenes to ends of films after the credits (X-Men much?).

The scene began post-credits and I was like, "Oh here we go - let's stereotype and then fix the infertiles!"

Yeah, just some guys peeing and chatting for 20 seconds.

I checked the alternate-ending, everything.

No "Pregnant" scene.

I went to bed happy. Leave it open-ended. Fine. Just don't try to "fix" infertiles with a vacation or "relaxed" sex. Damn hollywood.

Thoughts on this? Anyone?


Lindsay said...

Totally stole the ticker from you!!! Haha!

Emily said...

I just watched Couples Resort last night and just couldn't get into it. I, too, thought it was strange that the couple was considering divorce after one year of trying. I'm glad you told me the ending because I only made it halfway through!

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