Thursday, March 11, 2010


So DH has agreed to injectables. Without a long conversation. Crazy stuff. Obviously we hope/need this cycle to work but if it doesn't we have a plan. Injectables. Finally.

Doc says that if we breach 4 follicles he may cancel the trigger and iui for fear of OHSS and rupturing my ovary. Um, that sucks. I want 10 follicles! lol... they also said that some people may only get 1 follicle but i said that clomid did that already and i want to boost our odds and injectables are our best bet and bang for our buck (likely $1,000).

Fingers and toes crossed that we win the IVF cycle at the RESOLVE conference this weekend. Or even the meds. Sheesh.


Lindsay said...

I think its pretty standard to cancel at 4, i know my Dr does. They are all afraid of high order multiples like "John and Kate plus Eight"'s sextuplets which are the result of IUI with Injectibles. Hopefully you'll end up with 3 ;-)

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