Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Job update

First day went great, so did today. I love the ladies I work with and everyone is so nice. I have my own office. With a door. That I can shut. There are windows everywhere. I have worked in a frigging BASEMENT in a CUBICLE for 4 years. This is quite the step up. I'm the only person in both my family and my husband's family who has an office with a door. Neener. At least I've got something going for me.

Today is my 1/2 birthday. Go me. I had taco bell for lunch. Woo.

TTC update: today is 6dpiui/7dptrigger. No I haven't tested yet. Not even after the trigger shot to get a fake bfp to make myself feel good. I will be good. I'm trying really hard. I have about 4 hpts coming from ebay though. lol. The trigger should be out by Sunday so I'll probably start testing by then. Obviously, I will announce anything that is significant. Or even not significant.

And I don't want to use Dollar Tree tests unless I get a positive on a legit test. Those things suck balls. Stupid imprint line.


Lindsay said...

Very exciting! I'm happy its working out sooo long.

PS. I never only test on FRER tests. Its my guilty pleasure.

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