Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something Positive

I got the job!  Same salary as my last job AND I'd get overtime if I work over 40 hours!!!!! I start on March 15th so yay me!! At least something is going right.

As far as IVF coverage, I doubt there is any; it's a high-deductible program so even if they did, we'd be paying a lot out of pocket. I'll ask more on Monday when I talk to the lady that offered me the job. She called this afternoon and said they loved me! I also think this job will be so much better than that craptastic one I had before I got laid off.

I talked to Julie from the RESOLVE conference tonight and she gave me tons more info. We are going and I"m booking the hotel tomorrow. I'm so excited! There's a bunch of breakout sessions and one is "Guy 101". Well it's at the same time as the IVF info session so DH is demanding to go to the IVF one instead of the Guy talk thing so he can learn about IVF from someone other than me. It sounds so great and I figure DH and I will bond over this experience. I'll share everything I can with you, my legion of followers. lol....

IUI is next week. Last one covered by insurance (at 50%, jerks). We don't pray often but it's gotten to that point.


Anonymous said...

That is so great about the job!! It's so nice when something goes right! :) I don't know anything about RESOLVE. I'm assuming it's a conference for people struggling with IF?

Christa said...

Yes it is; you can check it out at; great source of info for all things IF!

Lindsay said...

That's so great!!!!!! I am so happy for you! The insurance company would probably have more information than the employeer on the IVF coverage so I would skip asking her and ask them instead. I agree that with a high deductable they probably don't cover anything.

Also, remember you have to be at a company for a year before you qualify for the FMLA.

Have fun this weekend!

noswimmers said...

Oh yay--so glad to hear you're attending the conference!! My hubby and I have gone for the past few years--first as attendees, now as volunteers. We found it to be a WONDERFUL resource, and I'm sure you will too!

Best of luck to you on the upcoming IUI!

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