Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cha Ching!.....Lupron Tips Anyone?

Barring some kind of stupid failure by my body to cooperate with the protocol.....this thing is happening! The payment has been made, we have our receipt, and we're doing IVF for sure!

I had this halting feeling today, looking at that receipt, that this feels like we've taken every cent we've saved and we're risking it all. Ever seen the movie "Rounders"? It's one of our favorites. We used to play a lot of poker in college. Ahh the crazy stuff we did back then....anyways, basically Matt Damon's character puts all of his money (and some borrowed money) on this one shot to win it all.

See the confidence? That's how I felt about IVF till today...

This sure feels like one shot to us. We talked today about how scared we are; while making that payment was a big weight off our shoulders, the impending fear is feeling even worse. Sure, positivity never hurt anything. I know I can get pregnant. I did that 4 times. My body just kicked them all out before they could grow much. I believe in this protocol and the Prednisone and the Heparin....I trust this doctor. Besides, we agreed today that should this fail and if we can't afford to do an FET right away (hopefully we have frosties to do an FET), we can do IUIs in the meantime. Just to keep me sane I suppose.

And what ARE the odds in Vegas? Poker, slots, roulette, horses....I'd rather have a 50-60% (typical IVF odds) chance of "winning" than some of the odds out there.

Also, I'm a moron and didn't write anything down during our shots lesson because I thought I'd get a ton of hand-outs for the injections. We got one for the PIO which will be super-helpful, but I'm suddenly panicking because I didn't take notes. I remember what she said and I'm going to type it up now.

But do you ladies have any suggestions (let's start small) for the Lupron injections? I start them this Saturday at 7:00 am (no sleeping in on Christmas? Wah.) and they'll continue till I trigger, I believe. I have heard all kinds of things about Lupron: the injections sting, I'll get headaches and mood swings, etc. Any tips for the actual injections or how to handle the side-effects? 20 units a day is quite a bit....will that amount equal lots of pain for me? Just curious and I'd love to hear what you all have to say!


~C~ said...

I haven't done Lupron, I was on an antagonist protocol. But I think Lupron is sub-q like stims, right? DON"T PINCH. They will all tell your to pinch, but it makes it hurt more. Just stab. I don't know if it burns, but my Menopur did and a lot of the burning was relieved by pressing he plunger in slowly. Also, flick/tap/compress the air bubbles out, but don't freak if it isn't perfect. I did, and was convinced I was going to die when I saw an air bubble too late, but according to a pharmacist friend of mine, air bubbles really don't matter in sub-q or IM shots. So you only need to worry about it if you're mainlining your Lupron and stims ;-)

LisaB said...

I can relate to your feelings!
As for the Lupron. It didn't hurt me at all. Just pick a flabby area lol and stab it right in - really quickly. The needles are so small that it doesn't hurt. I did get some hot flashes, especially at first, but they kind of calmed down as I went along.
The stims are what gave me headaches, but it wasn't too bad.

Lindsay said...

Good Luck!!! I can't believe you're finally here!!

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