Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lupron Day 4 - Love the 3dt v 5dt Debate!

Thanks for all the feedback ladies!  I'll first answer your questions:

Sarah: No I'm not on Medrol but I saw a long list of side effects that look rough.

~C~: How much Melatonin? I found 3mg and 5mg bottles and I'm wondering where to find some with Valerian Root? We have Walmart, Walgreens, Hartig Drug, Target, and HyVee here to choose from.

Now for the 'splaining I need to do:

I have a long-standing internal debate over transfer days. So many hypotheticals qualify one for a 3dt over a 5dt or vice-versa.

I suppose it's simply my personal fear. If we have oodles of embies that are solid at day 3 then I'd push for a 5dt with no AH as it wouldn't be necessary.

If we have a small amount then I'd want the 3dt to prevent any further risk by keeping them out of their natural environment (me).

But an embryo is typically in the fallopian tube by three days post fertilization so is it natural to put it in the uterus?

These are all rhetorical, internal arguments I have with myself. If we pull the trigger to soon (3dt) what if we transfer the abnormal embryos while the normal ones survive fine to day 5? If we wait too long then the embryos might not survive the extra two days in the dish.

See? Torture. I trust Dr. S and the embryologist, please don't get me wrong. It'll be a day by day thing and the best decision for myself and the potential baby/babies will definitely be made. We are just hoping to get to the point where we can have a transfer! :)

Lupron Day 4: last night I took 2 Benadryl and slept wonderfully. The Benadryl were approved by Nurse Jackie so no worries. She also said once I start stimming the Follistim will counteract the negative Lupron side-effects so I should be able to sleep.

We are so pumped that we will be stimming in 8 days and that we'll be in STL for the first monitoring appointment next Monday morning! So that's that. Just trucking along. I have some mini-bruising from the Lupron shots but really they don't hurt that bad so I'm not complaining. The itching lasts about 10 minutes and that's all.

Laughing moment of the day:  remember that scene in "Home Alone" when Kevin goes in the basement and the furnace is really scary and every time he sees it it is big and frightening? That's what I see when I pass the PIO needles. They're HUGE!!!!




~C~ said...

You are having the exact same internal struggle over 3dt v 5dt that I had. I was freaking out about putting the "wrong" ones back, but then also freaking out about not having much left at day 5. Bottom line: if it works, you won't give a shit. If it doesn't, no matter which transfer day you wind up with, you will always wonder if it would've been better to do it the other way. So try not to stress ;-)

3mg melatonin was what was used in the study. It was a small study but with astounding results. http://www.ivf.net/ivf/melatonin-could-improve-women-s-ivf-success-o5387.html I found it with valerian at my local version Whole Paycheck hippie foods, but you could go to any vitamin store and get the valerian separately too. I've taken valerian to help me sleep when TTC before and my naturopath says it's fine.

The PIO shots are NOT AS BAD as they are in your mind. The first picture, that is theneedle you draw it with, not the injection needle. In the second pic, I wanna know who that bitch is who only has to take 1/2cc. Anyway, I've been doing 1cc twice a day, thinning the oil in the syringe with hte heating pad first, and lying on the heating pad for 15-20 min afterwards, and while I definitely have tenderness, it's not this "OMG I can't even sit down" I keep reading about. And I'm going twice a day.

LisaB said...

C is awesome! I totally agree with her :-)

Crossing My Fingers said...

Yes, the PIO needles are SCARY! But after you do the first one they ain't no thang. The legs totally hurt and were sore when I did the injection there (and I only did legs when DH wasn't home to do the hip/butt for me). But even after awhile the leg shots weren't that bad. You can do it girlie!

Sushigirl said...

I found that the injection were less scary when someone else did them!

Calmly Chaotic said...

I too had a debate about the 3 day vs 5 day transfer. Luckily at out clinic they really don't give us a choice... they always push for a 5 day if you have 5 or more fertilized embryos on day 2. I know some clinics only do day 5 transfers and some embryos just like to be inside of us sooner. I would say let your RE lead you on this decision.

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