Friday, December 10, 2010

Life Updates (with pictures!)

Though I've been pretty consistent in blogging recently, I thought that I'd put down some thoughts about how life is going these days for me.

*Last week, I moved from a small, windowless but nonetheless the nicest office I've ever had to myself at a job and moved into a lovely office with a huge window. I'll just say that some of the secretaries, who have been at the firm for decades, were none too pleased that some chick who's been a paralegal for 9 months just got a corner office. I have chosen to ignore the negative nellies and just enjoy something good happening in the workplace for once.

*DH and I have been getting along quite nicely. We spend FAR TOO MUCH time together as I have zero friends IRL that I hang out with and sometimes he gets on my nerves and I snap at him. It reminds me of when Milo (our middle, gray kitty) hisses at Bella (our 4 1/2 month old kitten) for bugging him. But I"ve been trying to pick my battles with him.

*Our Traverse we bought in September has been handling the Iowa winter weather quite nicely thus far. I've never driven or owned an All-Wheel Drive vehicle before and it's been so great! We drive 25 miles to work and then home again each day so having a safe vehicle in bad weather is a nice luxury.

*DH sent me flowers last Friday at work as a surprise for my new office. He'd also sent flowers the day after our wedding anniversary last month. Very sweet. The co-worker ladies are quite jealous.

*After Milo's obsession with peeing on my stuff all the time seemed to have subsided recently, Jack, for the first time in his life, has started marking our stuff. Mainly our drapes. I took one of the needle-less syringes (still in the packaging) and sucked up some of the pee that was on the top of the carpet for a sample to give the vet tomorrow when Bella goes in for her 4 month shots. Pee samples are usually hard to come by for cats but when they choose to pee outside the litter box, you can get a 1/2 CC. Nice.

*Bella has been eating not only her own soft food but also the soft food I give to the boy cats. Thus she threw up two giant piles of puke on my pillow Wednesday night and then had a nice liquid barf in the same night. The gross part? I was sleeping through the puke piles incident and they were inches from my face for an unknown period of time. The liquid barf happened when her upchucking sound got so loud I heard it over my earplugs and the box fan I have running next to the bed at night. I stuck my left hand out in front of me to feel out which cat was doing it and she barfed all over my hand and my awesome fluffy robe I leave on the bed at night. Needless to say, DH and I woke up at 1-ish a.m. to address the nastiness of a puke-a-thon from our kitten all over the comfortor, my robe and my pillow. The best part? It soaked through the pillow. Yeah. Nasty.  Soft food with "tuna" feedings have been temporarily interrupted/suspended for the time-being. Bella gets a small spoonful in the morning and at night. The boys get a small spoonful of mushy Friskies soft food at night when Bella is not in the room. They will not be getting their delicious Meow Mix tuna soft food in little yellow cups for awhile.

Side-note: I will be declining tuna sandwiches for an indefinite period of time. (Shudder....)

So that's about it. DH will be hunting tomorrow about an hour north of home with my dad and brother. I will be home but will take Bella to the vet plus Jack's pee sample. Then I'll probably clean the house a little and have food ready for DH when he gets home. We have bowling league tomorrow night and then Sunday will be frigid cold here with a high of 2. Yes, TWO DEGREES FARENHEIGHT. So I'll be in my sweats, watching tv and chillin' with my kitties.

By the way, yes I'm in a league. Yes I have my own bowling ball and shows with a matching bag. That stuff was my Christmas present from DH 2 years ago. What is my average? It has fluctuated between a 98 and a 124. Yes I am terrible. But I look like I know what I'm doing when I pull out my own ball and At least it's exercise people. And I won't be bowling once I'm stimming so tomorrow is my last night bowling since there's no league for Christmas and I'll be stimming 2 weeks after Christmas weekend!


Shawna said...

you are a better bowler than I am. I am lucky if I break 100, sometimes even with the bumpers up!! lol congrats on the window office!!!

Crossing My Fingers said...

So jealous of your window and office...I have a cube. Cubes have their moments, we def have lots of laughs but when it comes to IF phone calls running outside to talk on my cell in extreme heat or cold is no fun! Enjoy your relaxing weekend! I always wanted to be in a bowling league (although I suck) but could never find anyone to bowl with me!

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I would love to have a window in my office...very nice!

I also love to bowl...we are talking of going next weekend...I get better with beer!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well...

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