Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're Back! All Went Well

We had a nice long talk with Dr. S who let me ask my Type-A questions:

Why the Long Lupron Protocol for me?
What are your thoughts on the new Endo Stage I-II diagnosis?
Will DH need to give samples to be frozen prior to the ER?
What are your goals for me as we progress into the cycle?

That kind of stuff. He was great and answered all of my questions without making me feel annoying or crazy. He actually suggested that I should go to med school because he's trained a lot of residents and apparently I think and have the same verbalized thought process as those he favored.

DH thought that would give me an inflated ego because I was told on Saturday night at my firm's Christmas party that I should go to law school. I thought it was all pretty funny. Especially since we're spending all our time and money trying to have a baby. So that's why I laughed when Dr. S suggested med school for me.

We had our injections lesson with Nurse Jackie and that was really helpful. She answered some more of my questions and I feel really prepared for the whole thing.

Also, we found a great Chili's near the hotel which is only 3 miles from the clinic; and there was a Marshall's with a Home Good store attached so I got a bunch of stuff for our kitchen and some Xmas gifts for my nieces and nephews. It was awesome.

Funny story - at Marshall's I found these great fleece pajama pants that I've been wanting really badly; I bought one pair (XL) for $7.99. I got back to the hotel that night and tried them on and while they say they're adult XLs, they fit like "girls" XL. Hilarious, right? So DH and I go back to that Marshall's after the doctor's appointment and exchange them for 2XLs because I thought maybe they'd fit even though I don't wear that size normally. I just figured they'd run small.

Then we went to Waffle House (there aren't any in Iowa so we ALWAYS eat at WH when we travel now) and afterwards I put on my new 2XL pants in the car because I wanted to be comfy. Well, they fit alright. But what they gained in waist size, they lacked in length. Apparently anyone who wears 2XL pants is 5 feet tall. I'm 5'10". You can imagine the hilarity as I walked around the back of the car in my "capri's" while I looked for my regular sweats in my travel bag. Very embarassing but funny at the same time.

We set up our next appointments too so I updated my IVF Calendar on the side margin for you to see that at you leisure. I can't believe I start Lupron shots in 2 1/2 weeks! I'm even refilling my BCPs today!


Maria said...

Yea! So glad everything went well! How was the drive? How many times do you have to travel throughout the cycle...are you being monitored locally? Time is going to fly once you start those Lupron shots! Praying for good things for you.

Christa said...

Thanks Maria! The drive was a cinch! 4-lane the entire way and the speed limit is 70 in some parts so if you take out the 40 minutes we spent stopping for Sonic (twice, if you can believe that; we don't have Sonics near Dubuque) and once for fuel, the whole trip is about 4 1/2 hours from Dyersville to St. Peters.

Once we start the Lupron on Christmas Day, we'll have a total of 4 monitoring appointments in STL (CD3-ish appointment 1/3/11; and three ultrasound appointments every other day starting 1/10/11).

The blood draws will start the day before my first ultrasound appointment and I'll do those locally and our lab will fax the results to STL. That way, when I'm in the next day for the u/s, the doctor can decide what to do with my meds or whatever depending on the u/s and the bloodwork results.

We'll likely leave for STL the night before the appointment, after work on Tues and Thurs that week. It'll be hard but we've been through alot so we'll take having to travel...

Thanks for the questions! I'll definitely keep you posted!

Crossing My Fingers said...

Good luck girl! You are literally less than 5 minutes from my house so whenever you're in town if you want to meet up for dinner or need help or whatever, just let me know! Good luck and how exciting!

Lindsay said...

So excited for you! I'm keeping you in my prayers.

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